A disappointing “match” to a high expectation.


Match Bar & Grill

249 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 6522



Ambience: 8.5/10

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 5/10


Colleagues at work decided to have a dinner together after work. Based on the fabulous reviews from the prestigious The Age, several blog posts from fellow foodies and the fact that the restaurant is a branch of the main one in London, we thought it would be justifiable to give it a go.

The place was bustling with people on a Friday evening, music and interior decorations were great.

They also have an interesting wine dispenser machine where you can place your glass in front of a tube and wine will be filled in your glass. COOL heh!

We were served with trays of bread while we waited for the food to be served. 

Who knew what was happening in the kitchen but the food took almost AN HOUR to arrive!!!  By then, all of us were starving real badly! T_T Since we waited for so long, we dug in almost immediately and many of us were ‘disappointed’ with the dishes placed in front of us. First, my colleague got her Roasted Market Fish @ market price, which was pretty all right. ==

Next, Spaghetti Bolognaise of Wagyu Beef @ $24. According to my colleagues who tried it, the spaghetti didn’t even taste like pasta, they were more like maggi noodles!

The following two dishes were the saviors for the night. The Crumbled Pork Fillet @ $32 was done quite nicely with the mashed potato and salad on the side and it was not too fried.

Lastly, it was the signature dish: The Match Wagyu Burger @ $25. Three of us ordered the exact same dish, in my opinion, you will never go wrong with Wagyu beef and seriously, how bad can a burger get?!  Look at the thick and succulent patty, mouth-watering heh!

In conclusion, everyone reckoned that they will not go back for dinner but maybe for drinks and finger food. Apparently, The Match has an extensive drink and bar menu! gah! No wonder I see so many people dressed in their office wear standing around the balcony almost every day. Oh well, it was a memorable and enjoyable experience to eat with everyone at work! =]

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2 thoughts on “A disappointing “match” to a high expectation.

  1. Dear Lydia

    Your feedback is much appreciated and your comments taken on board, we are about to change the menu which launches in about a month so please give me a call and we will gladly give you some hospitality that will surely be more to your satisfaction. Once again, thanks for the feedback. Carlos

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