Hola Mama – si – ta



Level 1, 11 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9650 3821



Ambience: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 7.5/10


It was a wet and cold Saturday night. After watching the latest 3D movie, Gnomeo and Juliet, produced by Elton John, we decided to head down to the much hyped about Mexican restaurant, Mamasita. When we rocked up to the front of the restaurant around 830, there was already a long queue of people standing on the steps! I went up to the guy at the front quickly and asked for a seat for three but was told that I have to wait until 1030! Gah! I was adamant to give this much talked about restaurant a try and thus left my number with the guy, hoping that we would get a seat miraculously. Since all of us were rather hungry, we decided to walk down Flinders Lane and look for a nice place to eat despite the crazy weather. However, many restaurants turned us away, saying that they did not have any space  (I reckon they are racist/prejudice or something!). Hmmf! Just then, the guy from Mamasita called, informing me that the seats were ready. AWESOME! So, we headed back to Collins street for the long awaited Mexcian food.

First, we were presented with a large sheet of menu filled with a range of mouth-watering food.  At the back of it, was a detailed railway map of Mexico!

The layout of the restaurant was rather simple and you are able to see the chefs burying their heads doing what they are best at: churning out the delicious food in the brightly-lit little kitchen. It was like looking at bees, busy at work!

On every table, sat two bottles of harmless looking sauces. The red one tasted pretty all right for a person who does not really eat spicy food. However, the green one exploded in my mouth! I must say try it at your own risk! =x

We were staring at the menu for quite some time and one of the waitresses came by and asked if it is the first time we were there. Upon admitting to the “fact”, she walked us through the different components of the menu and we had a clearer idea of what to order. First up, we had the Elotes callejeros, “Street Style” chargrilled corn with queso, chipotle mayonnaise and lime. It was yum but sinful at the same time. A drizzle of the lime gave it a new twist!

Next, we had Tostaditas de Carnitas: Slow braised pork shoulder with encurtidos and jalapenos. This is kinda a must try dish according to many food bloggers. The pork was tender and the bitesize of it made everything awesome!

We were given a dip to go with our tacos and Quesadillas. It was nice on its own too.

Housemate was not too hungry, so she ordered one of the sides, Papas: Roast potatoes, serrano chilli and parsley. According to her, it was pretty good. As a potato lover, I kinda like the way they did it and dipping it with the red sauce, simply tingled your palate.

One will always have to order tacos at a Mexican restaurant! Mamasita only serves soft tacos and I ordered two different ones upon the recommendations given by the waitress: de Pescado (left): Grilled fish with lime, achiote paste and red onion salsa; de Camarones (right): Marinated prawns with habanero chillies and chipotle  almond salsa. The salsa sauce used in the fish taco was pretty all right but I prefer the prawn one better as it was much more flavoursome!

We completed the fabulous dinner with Quesadillas de Res: Ancho chilli-braised beef and queso fresco. It was the equivalent to Italian pizza but with two layers of bread dough and cheese on top. The beef was marinated to perfection and trust me, one bite led on to another. TRUST ME, it was that good! >.<

On a side note, there was a huge picture of a sexy mama on the wall beside us while we ate our hearts out. Viewing pleasure? Perhaps. Lol. I am pretty sure she is the “mascot” for Mamasita as seen on their name cards and website. As Mamasita did not have a showy neon light signboard, many food hunters are bound to miss it. So yours truly have taken the liberty to take a photograph of the entrance (with the security guard gamely posing for us).

Overall, my first Mexican dinning experience went rather well and I was so full and satisfied after going through all the recommended dishes! However, the music was a tad too loud for my liking. I could not even hear myself talking! T_T The service at Mamasita was rather impressive, with the waitress being knowledgeable and guiding us through the ordering process patiently and there was a waiter who came to check on us to ensure that everything was all right while we waited for our food “silently”. LMAO.

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