Hidden Mule’s a Gem.


The Little Mule Cycle Co. & Cafe

19 Somerset Place, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (04) 0221 2052



Ambience: 6/10 (not many seats and there was the smell of the rubbery tyres but interesting idea)

Food: 6/10 (sadly i ain’t a coffee lover, if not it will be a gem and a higher rating!)

Service: 7/10


Looking for a place to have lunch in the CBD and wanting something different? Going to Little Mule will be IT! It is a small shop located in one of the lane ways on Little Bourke Street. You will not take notice of it unless you are on a hunt for food like me. >.< Little Mule is actually a bike shop that also sells really good coffee (according to my colleague who is a HUGE coffee lover!) and sandwiches.

There were so many bicycles in various colours and the decorations were simple and chic! A good “getaway” from work, I would say. And there is free wi-fi available for those who will like to be keep track of their social networks/work.

This green bicycle caught the attention of my colleague throughout our dining as it was so BRIGHT!

There was quite a good selection of cafe food available and I wanted something filling for lunch. Thus, I ordered the roast beef, brie, semi-dried tomato, horseradish and spinach baguette @ $8.50. It tasted kinda spicy spicy but I could not really pinpoint what was causing it, radish maybe? However, I will prefer to have the roast beef sandwich from Hopetoun any time!

Found out from fellow food blogger that Little Mule uses syrups from Crows Nest Soft Drinks, a Queensland company who has been in the business since the 1900s and of reputable quality. I decided to give it a try and upon the recommendation of the owner, I ordered the popular chocolate milkshake @ $5. The cup was huge and it was a tad too sweet for me. >.< If only, it can be as good and pretty as the dark chocolait I had at Chokolait.  Oh well, it was half the price what more can you ask for?

My colleague ordered the chicken, chilli-mayo and rocket sandwich. According to her, it was different from the sandwiches she had tried before and it was great! 😀

The food was not too fancy nor too extraordinary. However, for a cheap lunch in the CBD, I reckon that it is still good. And with the idea of having a cafe in a bicycle store is refreshing within the hustle and bustle of the daily work life. To top it off, if you are craving for some awesome caffeine, heading to the Little Mule will satisfy you all right.

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