Cruising on a Food Journey on 5 March.

It is my first year in Melbourne and I have heard a lot of buzz about the Food and Wine Festival. It is an annual event where many renowned restaurants participate and gourmet lovers like me will have the opportunity to sample the creations of top chefs at a bargain. Of course, there are many tempting events to choose from this year. However, based on the numerous food blogs that I have read, there were many praises for the Food Journey event organised by SBS, held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for the past few years. So, my housemate and I decided to head down and check out for ourselves what’s all the fuss. (PS: there was a tent set up by Dan Murphy’s and patrons were able to sample wines from all around the world without paying extra! :D)

I will do a highlight of the several delicacies that I got my hands on and “worthy” of some of my space here. First up, we have the dessert stand from LUSH desserts. Look at the petite sizes and reasonable prices. They were made to order at the back of the cooler truck to keep the freshness under the warm weather!

I could not resist the temptations and got myself a chocolate mousse for just $2! It was thick and tasted almost like a chocolate ice-cream. I reckon that it is comparable with Lindt and Koko Black or even Chokolait! =] The strawberries on top were sweet and fresh! Awesome combination I must say!

Ever tried wine made from the very first extract of the grapes? This particular one from Bathurst, New South Wales, had a really light red colour as compared to the normal reds on the market. The taste was crisp and not overpowering.

As mentioned earlier, there was a showcase of all the wines around the world. Look at the poster below, there was a wide variety of wines to cater to the different palates of each individual.

There were so many to try and I would be kidding if I ain’t tipsy after all these! On a side note, I wanted to get these sparkling wines from this French winery, J. P. Chenet, apparently the world’s best selling French wine. The guy at the counter did not want to sell them to me! Not sure if it was the influence of the alcohol, but I tried my very best to “negotiate” with the guy. He insisted that I should come back at 4.30pm if I were interested in getting them! Grrrrr. The guy on the left is the “stubborn” old man, the one on the right is the Winemaker Director of J. P. Chenet, who was really quiet but nice! 😛

As I was rather determined to land my hands on those bottles of wine, I headed back in around the time he stated. Went straight to the guy and hethrusted the wine into my hands without hesitation! Ain’t that fabulous??!?!! I was taken aback as I was prepared to pay for them. Oh well, Mr Bill was sweet enough to give such a treat to me! I simply love the shape of the bottles (there’s actually a contour where you can have a better grip of the bottles) and it is not common to get French wine in Australia in general. >.<

Lastly, you will always have to bring something home to show that you have been to a Food festival (another reason to splurge on myself!). Heehee. I got some chocolates from the Fardoulis Chocolates stand. The assistants were generous with their samples and I was lucky to have the opportunity to try a large selection of their popular flavours. The various flavours are stuffed into each piece of chocolate and they did not taste anything like the mass manufactured chocolates you get from any of the dessert shops around! They were simply heavenly. I could not help but bought three packets: Mocha Coffee (as a non-coffee eater, it is actually mild and enjoyable); Irish Cream (it is intense, rich and simply melts in your mouth on the first tiny bite); Cookies and Cream (which is always delightful to have). The assistant also mentioned that they are usually stocked at David Jones and Myer, so chocolate lovers out there, remember to indulge yourselves in one of these! You will not REGRET it, trust me! 🙂 By the way, my colleagues scrambled to get them after I brought some to work for them to try….

It was indeed a great experience to be able to immerse myself in such delicacies once a year and the ability to share my love for good food with my family, friends, colleagues and you, my lovely blog reader! Hope you guys are able to gain a different perspective and insight into things you have never had….


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