Surprise at Il Pomodoro.


Il Pomodoro

Federation Square, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9662 2282


Ambience: 4/10 (there was no air-conditioner and the sun was shining right at my face)

Food: 6/10

Service: 4/10 (rude boss!)


After a long walk along the Yarra river for the annual Moomba Festival, we were both hot and perspiring from head to toe. We headed back to Federation Square, wanting to try something nice at the Transport hotel. To our dismay, the top level was closed for private function; we were met with a cocky waiter at the Taxi Dining Room, which was located on the second level, advising us that since we did not make any reservations, we could only have the tables for one and half hour?!? So what you are an one hat restaurant under the The Age good food guide, that does not entitle you to turn away walk-in customers like this? If you can make it to the Michelin’s, we’ll talk about it then. On top of that, I remembered seeing the restaurant being not even half -filled with patrons! I was rather annoyed by his attitude and we decided to head to somewhere else.

We walked past Il Pomodoro and saw that it was quite full and busy. Of course, we were captivated by the dessert available and sweet smelling Italian food from the kitchen.

We were shown to a seat where the sun was shining right on my face. The lady boss walked by and asked who gave the seats to us. Before we could say anything or order our food, she told out menus away from us! I was horrified. She seriously reminded me of the older Italian sister in My Kitchen Rules. Scary! Thankfully, we remembered what we want and we placed our order with a waitress who was much nicer. I ordered Tiramisu which was on display in the fridge. Usually, tiramisu are served in the form of cakes and not in a cup. It was very rich and the bread crumbs were spongey. Yum! Even though the cream was a bit too much and too sweet for my liking, I love the interesting “rendition” of the classic dessert.

My housemate ordered the raspberry, rhubard and apple crumble. As it was being baked fresh on the spot, it took a long while before it was served. According to her, it tasted great and she has not have any apple crumble that was made this way.

Overall, the food was great, I would have been more satisfied if the boss was not so “crazy”. Or is it a thing with the restaurants at Federation Square to be a tad more “unfriendly”? I wonder…

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