Quickie at WE Cafe


WE Cafe

Shop 2, 31 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 0425 128 419



Ambience: 6/10

Food: 5/10

Service: 4.5/10


Having walked past this cafe numerous times and I never fail to give it a few sniff. The smell, layout and everything else reminded me of Taiwan! How nostalgic? To top it off, it has a variety of bento boxes, drinks and Taiwanese snacks to choose from. Sounds promising I must say.

The interior decor is simple and chic.

J ordered their signature fried chicken bento box @ $10. It was piping hot and enjoyable on a cold day. The skin was crispy and not thick, just like how it is done in Taiwan. The seasoning was similar too.

I wanted to try their beef noodle soup (which is only available during weekends) but to my disappointment, the waiter advised me that they are still making it, I will have to wait until dinner time! If something is on the menu, shouldn’t it be available for order? It is false advertising, mind you! I had no choice but to order their roast pork bento box @ $10. I have several things to complain here, firstly, the pork was cold (felt like it had been out on the table for a good 10 minutes or so) and the rice was hard and cold too. To top it off, the spring rolls on mine were stuck together as opposed to those beautifully separated ones that J had. When we went back to the counter and complained about the pork being cold, they took the plate back and several minutes later, I was presented with the same dish, this time having a tiny bit of warmth in the meat. I would have expected them to redo the whole order or something. @.@ The waitress just shoved it back at me, with the bit of rice that I scooped out in my first attempt. Gross much!

Craving for some Taiwanese sausage and I ordered one @ $5. Seriously, they should have added a few pieces of cucumber, carrots or onions or something and not try to place the sausages in all directions! This is not the way to serve a dish to any customers, regardless of price! It was tough but the taste was there.

They were having some promotion for their drinks at the moment.You receive one free drink when you purchase one. J and I both ordered lemon black tea which tasted normal. >.<

Thou shall just have takeaway of their crispy chicken bento box as it is the DEAL and you do not have to endure crappy services from the reluctant waitress who was dragging her feet all around the place. Maybe they should include soup in their bento boxes instead of getting customers to order drinks? Hmmm
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4 thoughts on “Quickie at WE Cafe

  1. The photos falsely makes it appear nicer than it actually is. Good Review! Lol, at the ambiance, it’s fairly cheap to make the decor and atmosphere seem “Taiwanese”

  2. it’s the lighting and better effects in the day! 😛 i think the smell is more “taiwanese” than anything else. i reckon they have a low budget for start up and they were rushing to open it…. >.<

  3. Just walked past this place on my way to Wonderbao. Thought it looked interesting but it looks like this place still needs a bit of refining. I work near here on Saturdays and would not have minded a bowl of beef noodle soup so it annoys me to read that they only serve it during dinner!

    • the last time i checked, they no longer have beef noodle soup on their menu! their main focus seems to be on the bento boxes. maybe you can give it a try some time? as for beef noodles, there’s always the taiwan cafe on swanston street. decent pricing and close to the real deal… ^_^

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