Having a VIVA la Vida time on 27 March 2011.

VIVA Victoria is an annual multicultural festival held at Federation Square, showcasing music, dance, art & craft and FOOD from all around the world! The sun was finally out after hiding behind the clouds for the whole week. We decided to head down to the festival and indulge in some rather interesting food.

There was already a strong crowd when we arrived and there was a bee line in front of the Persian Lemonade stall. I think this was the first time I have tried traditional lemonade. It was a bit pricey @ $5 per cup and the icy slushies versions were selling @ $6 each. It tasted refreshing and not as sour as I expected it to be though.

With the great variety on offer, we had a difficult task of choosing what to try! We were lured by the fragrance from the Nepal Dining Room. J ordered Sekuwa @ $10, grilled marinated chicken, that were cooked on the spot and served with a light pumpkin sauce at the side. The chicken was flavorsome and chewy. Note: it is rather hard to marinate the chickens in Australia unless you are willing to take days to do it? However, look at its exterior similarity with the barbeque pork in Cantonese restaurants!

You might think that I am strange but I love food being served wrapped up or with quite a thick layer of dough/bread/pastry around it. I was attracted to the bureks @ $7.50, air-dried pastries filled with fresh chicken, cheese, beef, pumpkin or spinach, from Yassna’s Pitteria (Bosnia & Herzegovina). It was piping hot and the chicken stuffed in the pastry was simply delicious! Although it did not look appealing (doesn’t it remind you of Roti Prata but just thicker), it was a bargain. 😀

Lastly, I could not help but succumb to the homemade icecream from Bella Pasta e Dolci (Italy) @ $4 a cup. I bought SEX ON THE SPOON (just like sex on the beach, you know!), vanilla bean icecream with cookies meringue. It was not too sweet and the various textures just tingle in your palate! ❤ it. Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough wannabe? You be the judge.

It was a great experience to be able to enjoy fabulous food from all over the world in the comfort of our home! If only they has a better mix of Asian and Western stalls, it would be wonderful. Also, they should have less stalls selling the same type of food, ie meat being grilled or barbequed in various styles. It’s BORING! 😦 *screams*


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