Huge Bargain @ B3


B3 Cafe Patisserie

15 Centre Place, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 3100


Ambience: 3/10 (it’s a quick take away place)

Food: 7/10

Service: 6/10 (efficient for the lunch time crowd)


B3 is one of those laneway cafes that you have to “venture” a little bit off the main roads to get to. I chanced upon it after having some devil-icious mini cupcakes from Little Cupcakes on Degraves Street the day before. While walking through Centre Place and I saw many people queuing in front of this shop that has a unsightly green billboard! Took down the name: B3 Cafe and Patisserie and went home to do some research. Based on some of the information that I read, it is a sandwich bar with cheap and yummy sandwiches, soups, sausage rolls. Drinks are selling at $1 per can too! It is rare in CBD to have such affordable deals!

During lunch the next day, I gathered my colleagues and we headed to B3! A massive queue (many of them were in suits) was already in place when we arrived and everyone seemed to know what they want to order. The service was quick and swift, just like Don Don. Apparently B3 is also owned by Japanese and has another outlet at Cathedral Arcade!


Had been having too much beef lately so I decided to go for some chicken and I ordered the full size Chicken Schnitzel @ $5.50 (first picture below). It was HUGE and I thought since I did not have breakfast, I should have no problem finishing it. But I was WRONG, it was so filling that I regretted my decision! I was literally trying to stuff myself with the very last bite. They were generous with the chicken and vegetables. However, they should drizzle a bit sauce as it was dry since the chicken was fried. So with a bit more of the mayonnaise would definitely make it more enjoyable! On another note, I am not very used to having cold sandwiches, if they can be toasted it would be awesome! Hmmm. I reckon that I should have bought the petite one @ $3.50 each (second picture).  According to my colleague, she was really full after that.

I will definitely go back to B3 and try the assortment of sandwiches and their tempting sausage rolls! With the huge bargain, it is worth a try and the walk into the hidden laneways for office workers in the CBD during the “precious” one hour away from work!

B3 Café Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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