Sweet Love Part II



Shop 8, 318 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9639 6188



Ambience: 7.5/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10


After getting my macarons from La Belle Miette, I headed over to Chokolait on Little Collins Street to meet my housemate for some chocolatey dessert. This place is run by a rather interesting couple and it is stated that they only use authentic Belgian Chocolates in each and every drink and dish that they prepare. It opened its door to the public in June 2007 in this much hidden place. I must say only the ‘know-know’ will find their way here.

Housemate ordered the Hot Chokolait. According to her, it was rich and fabulous to the taste buds!

Next, we ordered the Summer Cascade which was making its debut over the Vday weekend. The owner, Ross, started making the dessert upon ordering, ensuring that all the ingredients are fresh and the dessert is well presented to the customers. SAY HI TO ROSS! (sorry for the blurry shot, he was asking if he had placed the dish in the right direction for me to take a picture. How nice of him!)

Summer Cascade was a mix of berries (I realised I ate the most amount of berry fruits this month in my entire life!) with cream, thick dark Belgian chocolate and a lovely crusty puff at the base. It was sinful but a blessing to us!

Chokolait had left me with such a good impression and experience that I recommended this place to my colleagues for our Friday dessert that same week (yes, I visited Chokolait twice in a short span of five days!). And this time I ordered their signature ICED DARK CHOKOLAIT. It was not bitter at all and the presentation of the drink was so cute. Just beware of getting a “goatee” while you enjoy the tiny piece of heaven. Everyone was taken aback at how awesome the chocolate was at this little known beauty and agreed that they will visit the place AGAIN!

Chokolait on Urbanspoon


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