Deception at its Best.


Cupcake  Central

Shop 7, 672 Glenferrie Road, Melbourne Vic 3122

Phone: (03) 9077 4542


Ambience: -/10 (cupcakes were delivered to our office)

Food: 4/10

Service: 4.5/10 (order was mixed up, some cupcake were “disfigured” during the delivery process)


Came across this cupcake sanctuary on the recommendations of a friend. However, I find it a hassle to travel all the way to Glenferrie JUST FOR A CUPCAKE?! I decided to ask everyone at work if there is anyone interested in getting some as Cupcake Central does delivery to the city at a surcharge of $10 and a minimum order of $40. 😦 Some of my colleagues responded with great interest and we placed our respective orders a day in advance. Everyone was waiting with anticipation and we were promised that we should get our hands on them between 12 and 1. To our dismay, they were 15 minutes late.

Not only that, we were rather ‘horrified’ by the state of some of the cupcakes in the smaller box! The cherries from the Surprise Flavour Friday cupcakes (found out they were Blackforest on CC’s twitter) were falling all over the place with the buttermilk cream smearing. They did not look appealing nor did they taste good. The cherries were not fresh, they tasted like they came from the tin. As the cherries were in contact with the cream, the cream had a queer after taste. To make things worse, the cake at the bottom was dry and indigestible.

I felt that I have actually been deceived by the pretty pictures posted on their website. With that said, I had ordered half a dozen, namely, Black Velvet (their signature, the one with chocolates on top), Red Velvet (apparently a must try for all cupcakes lovers, the one with the heart toppings), Vanilla Vanilla (the one with crown of pink frosting in the middle), Cookies & Cream (the one with Oreo biscuit), Raspberry & White Chocolate (the one with pink frosting) and Surprise Flavour Friday (mentioned above).

I think the best of the lot was Raspberry & White Chocolate as it was fruit based which contributed to the moisture in the icing and complemented the dry cake at the bottom. As for Cookies & Cream, the fact that they used a cookie crumb as the base rather than the typical chocolate base is the main selling point. However, the frosting was not as soft and creamy as what I wanted it to be. The Red Velvet and Black Velvet had almost similar taste with the same cream cheese frosting. The Black Velvet was fluffy while the Red Velvet was more moist. Should they be using different toppings? All in all, personally I preferred the Vanilla Vanilla cupcake made with Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla a little more as it was spongey and soft, together with the frosting it was still not bad. Worthy of a tick from me, I suppose. Lol.

Maybe sometimes food that looks good does not guarantee delicious food. With high expectations, you tend to get disappointed more easily. It seems to be the case here for CC, I am not sure if I will patronise CC again. >.< But I reckon it is time for me to search for some awesome cupcakes, suggestions anyone?

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