A little warmth at Bon a Manger.


Bon a Manger

387 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9640 0652



Ambience: 7/10 (simple and chic)

Food: 6/10 (menu doesn’t tally as seen online)

Service: 7.5/10 (amicable owners)


It has been rather cold for the past few days, it felt like winter has dawned on us when we did not even get the chance to experience SUMMER! To keep myself warm in this gloomy weather, I decided to hunt for a place that sells soup. I did a “massive” research on Urbanspoon and came upon Bon a Manger. It has a very intricate website with a comprehensive menu. I was misled by the array of soups available and decided to go there for lunch.

Arriving at the doorsteps of the cafe, I realised that I have walked past it numerous times and it is actually located on Hardware Lane where La Belle Miette is also situated! When you first stepped into BAM, you will be “confronted” by a huge wall of sandwiches, salads and drinks. Looking like a convenience store but it is a comforting place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your work. I saw many office workers coming in to grab several of their sandwiches and cups of coffee that were made on the spot! Newspapers were provided too for those busy businessmen and women to keep in touch with the world’s happenings.

When I walked up to the counter asking if they had any soups available, one of the blokes, whom I believe is the manager of the store said that they have carrot and leek available today. I saw that they are serving chicken soup on the website so I verified with him and he said that they do have that. T_T I want my chicken soup! Another chap offered to give me a sample of the soup and to my surprise, it actually tasted not bad! So, I placed my order for the soup. The bread and the soup were the perfect match for the cold weather.

Knowing that I will not be full from the soup alone, I asked if they have the macarons (it was spelt as MACAROONS on the website which is wrong as it refers to another form of dessert) that they advertised online. The “manager” recommended me to go down to LBM which is just a few doors away to get them. Seeing the muffin displayed on the tray near the counter, I decided to give the cinnamon flavoured one a try. First of all, it was HUGE and smelled great! It was spongey on the inside and crispy outside. With the pieces of pear mixed in it, it gave a juicy texture to it.

Even though the soup and muffin that I had were delicious, it would be awesome if Bon a Manger had all the things advertised on their website available in store! I will not be disappointed as such when I was thinking of having a good bowl of chicken soup. But the cheerful owners lifted my spirits! πŸ™‚ Good job boys.

Bon a Manger on Urbanspoon


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