Satisfying My Craving at Pretzel World.


Pretzel World

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9650 0242


I have been searching for a place to have pretzels in Melbourne. I could still remember the sweet cinnamon pretzels from Auntie Anne that I always have when I was a kid! They were so fabulous! How nostalgic! As I was browsing through the Entertainment Book, I found a coupon for Pretzel World! Yes, PRETZELS! I was so excited and tore it out immediately and headed to Melbourne Central to have my craving satisfied!

The lady at the shop recommended cinnamon and swiss cheese to me! Oh, she’s a mind-reader I suppose? Lol. Cinnamon is my top most favourite pretzels! I was salivating looking at the Pepperoni and Cheese pretzel, so I decided to go for it instead of swiss cheese.

My very first bite into the Cinnamon pretzel was heaven! It was exactly the same taste as how I remembered it! ❤ The bread was soft and the blend of sweetness just tickled my tongue. Nom!

The pepperoni and cheese pretzel tasted like pizza but with melted cheese and softer bread! I know it is oily but sometimes you just have to sin to indulge in some devil-icious food. 🙂

Although it is not as superb as Auntie Anne, Pretzel World is my alternative in Australia. Now I know why when I was in Brisbane, I did not see PW anywhere, ’cause they are not opened there! @.@ I will definitely visit PW more often! Time to get fat with glorious gourmet snack…

Pretzel World on Urbanspoon


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