Novelty in My Personal Opinion.


Ying Thai 2

110 Lygon Street, Carlton Vic 3053

Phone: (03) 9639 1697


Ambience: 3/10 (rather old and run down with cheesy plastic tables and chairs)

Food: 6.5/10 (pad thai was sweet with a tinge of spiciness but curry was overpowering)

Service: 4/10 (left standing at the door for a few minutes)


Personally I am not a big fan of Thai food, but I am willing to give it a try. I could still remember the pineapple fried rice that my mum used to make and the tapioca dessert that you get from authentic Thai restaurants.  T is a Thai food enthusiast and based on my colleague’s recommendation, we decided to head down to Carlton for some Ying Thai 2.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were overwhelmed with the splashes of bright colours and cute paintings on the walls. The layout of YT2 is not fancy, it is crammed and to a certain extent uncomfortable (having diners knocking into one and other just trying to get into and out of their seats)! 😦 It is also filled with cheesy plastic tables and chairs in fluorescent colours. T_T We were left standing at the door, waiting to be seated for a good 5 minutes (service FAIL! Apparently we were lucky to get seats without reservations as they are usually full during lunch and dinner). But with the popularity it enjoys and the delicious food ensued during our visit, I guess they do not really have to focus much on their customer service heh!

T suggested for me to try their Pad Thai @ $13.90 (I got beef!) as I am not one who dwells into the world of spiciness and strong sensations. Lol. It looked and sort of tasted like my favourite beef hor fun (thinner noodles though) found at Chinese and Malaysian eateries. However, it had a slight sweetness to it and with the peanuts sprinkled on top, it made my very first experience with Pad Thai a memorable and enjoyable one! 😀

J ordered the Green Curry with Beef @ $8.90. The coconut milk content was high and he simply loved it! He cleared up his plate fairly quickly too. But I thought the smell was a tad too overpowering, maybe I am just not used to it.

So what did guru of Thai food order? T got the mild red curry with duck @ $9.90. She was amazed by the richness and goodness of the curry. She mentioned that YT2 is really value for money (since she arrived in Melbourne) as usually she will have to spend at least $12 to 15 to get the same dish in the same portion elsewhere! Now, she has fallen in love with YT2 and cannot wait to go back for more.

With the price you pay and the sizeable amount you get, YT2 is definitely a great hangout worth going back. If only they had the tapioca dessert, I will so get one and stuff it down my already full lunch! Maybe I will try some other signature dishes and the famous tom yum soup in the future so as to boost my “resume” on Thai food. Hahah…

Ying Thai 2 on Urbanspoon


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