Overdosed at Il Dolce Freddo.


Il Dolce Freddo

116 Lygon Street, Carlton Vic 3053

Phone: (03) 9639 3344


Ambience: 5/10

Food: 7/10 (richness in the ice-cream)

Service: 6/10


After the filling lunch at Ying Thai 2, we walked a few shops down to Il Dolce Freddo. Everyone who eats at YT2 will always stop for dessert at IDF. The ice- cream are all freshly made daily at the shop. It is a simple parlour with minimum decorations but quality food.

There were so many flavours to choose from; the appetizing fragrance and interesting colours just made the decisions even harder! 😦 As seen in my previous post on Bread & Butter, all of you should know that I am a avid durian lover. Hence, I chose a scoop of durian and a scoop of baileys @ $5 per cup. OMG. The durian was so rich and thick that I just want to have more. Not only that, it tasted more real than those served at Passionflower. >.< Baileys was equally good and you could taste the strong alcohol flavour on the very first mouth! T loves fruit based dessert and thus she chose a scoop of Frutti Bosco and a scoop of Creme Brulee. She mentioned that the creme brulee tasted like eating a whole load of sugar while frutti bosco was totally fabulous and refreshing! I am elated and satisfied that an Australian owned ice-cream parlour managed to serve up some decent durian ice-cream as compared to Passionflower which is actually owned by Asians. IDF got the flavour, the consistency and the richness right! πŸ˜› Β I hope to return to try the rest of the flavours available. On a side note, IDF has been constantly featured in various food guide in Melbourne too!

Il Dolce Freddo on Urbanspoon


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