Drop Dead Delicious


Little Cupcakes

Shop 7, Degraves Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9077 0413



After my horrible experience with Cupcake Central previously, I reckon it is justifiable that I do a quick review on Little Cupcakes. What is a better occasion to pamper my colleagues and myself with delicious cupcakes than the upcoming Easter?! Sweet doesn’t hurt, will it? πŸ˜€

I bought a dozen of the pretty little things during my lunch break, 2 for each of the following flavours: red velvet, mocha coffee, belgian chocolates, choc chip, vanilla and teddy bear. I distributed them among my lovely workmates and your truly! We were so satisfied with the quality of each piece and had no complaints. They were so much better than Cupcake Central’s. The bases were moist, the frosting was fresh and flavoursome. Nothing stale, with every bite you could tell the TLC put into them!

My dear readers, please go out there and savour these awesome sweets. Also, spread the foodie word in this festive and joyous season…

Little Cupcakes on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Drop Dead Delicious

    • i know heh! the mini cupcakes are lovely and devil-icious….. which is your favourite flavour? i absolutely love their cookies and cream! πŸ™‚

  1. When cupcakes were popping up everywhere with the majority failing miserably to win over my tastebuds I had a sneaky little thought. I could whip out my very mediocre baking talent too and drive out all these atrocious cupcake offenders and put all their amateur bakers to shame! A good cupcake was that hard to find! Dry, tasteless, cheaply made or even brazenly using prepack cake mixes laced with artificially flavoured fats that have been beaten mercilessly together with highly processed sugar pefectly piped to form pretty little toppings and finally presented to you as fine quality best tasting cupcake in town! Yes best disappointment. Then Little Cupcakes put out my dream that lasted almost 2 seconds. I wanted good but you’re too good. You’re darn delicious. Back to my desk where I belong.

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