Warming up to an Awesome Night.



Level 3, Myer Melbourne Bourke Street Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9661 1380



Ambience: 6.5/10

Food: 6/10

Service: 7/10


My colleagues and I decided to head to Burnetti at Myer for a drink while waiting for the rest to arrive.  They were having cocktails promotions @ $7 each between 6 and 7pm on weekdays, so M and I decided to order one each. I had the Belini (I think it is the name) which was peach flavoured and it came with a small serving of olives. It was my first time trying an olive fruit on its own even though I have always been using olive oil for my cooking. It tasted rather weird and crunchy! =x As for the drink, it was refreshing for an after work booze.

M had something that was supposed to be made from blood orange but they ran out of it. They replaced it with fresh orange which was equally great!

V have been craving for some hot chocolate the whole week and she placed an order for it immediately, together with a mini white and dark chocolate cake. The hot chocolate was lukewarm and Starbucks actually makes better ones. The cake was not bad.

The cocktails were great for the price you pay but the dessert range was disappointing for such a well-known chain. I remembered trying some of their macarons and chocolate brownie when I first moved to Melbourne. They were terrible in terms of flavour and texture for the macarons. The filling ain’t even creamy! As for the brownie, it was dry and the after taste was just not good.

Brunetti on Urbanspoon


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