Silky Smooth @ Red Silks.


Red Silks

Level 1, 200 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 9922


Ambience: 4/10 (noisy and cluttered)

Food: 6/10 (finally found a place with char kway tiao)

Service: 5/10 (left standing at the door for a good 5 minutes)


After a quick drink at Brunetti, we headed over to Red Silks in the rain for some dinner. We were standing at the door for a good 5 minutes before a muscular guy in tank top and gym pants came to greet us. Β As there were 5 of us, there was no other seats available except the one near the entrance. We plotted ourselves at the table and were overwhelmed with the huge selection of Β dishes to choose from.

I went through the menu page and page and found what I have been looking for: Char Kway Tiao! I decided to give it a try as my previous experience of the same dish at Kopitiam in QV ended us as carrot cake. It had the fragrance of the fried towards burnt smell, with the sausages that I love and they also threw in some prawns which made me go two thumbs up for this dish! πŸ˜€

V ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice which she thought was pretty all right. If only they had the same presentation and the flavoursome soyasauce for the chicken as Jalan Alor, it will be so much pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to eat.

M settled for salted fish fried rice which she thought was not bad.

The other two ladies ordered Sweet and Sour Pork and Beef Hor Fun respectively. They both agreed that they are mediocre, nothing fantastic.

Even though the ambience was not as favourable, the char kway tiao was great! I will definitely return to try more of their dishes as I could find some of my favourites and dishes that I love. ❀

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7 thoughts on “Silky Smooth @ Red Silks.

  1. if you want Char Kway Tiao, try dessert house, china bar and rice bar. From what i had, the ones at dessert house and rice bar aint too bad

  2. yes i agree with you about the service. they have some attitudes there! I think the only thing, i eat there is Char Kway tiao because all their other dishs like as you said don’t taste good after some experiences.

  3. Hi Lydia, I only said dessert house for Char Kway tiao because I thought you’re looking for restaurants that serve this in the city. I wouldn’t say they’re the best! If you’re ever in the south eastern suburbs, try grand tofu, char kway tiao is a popular dish there!

  4. Actually might be best to order Char kway tiao at chef lagenda when you’re trying out the laksa, one less trip to dessert house for you.haha

    • Yea, I am indeed looking for a place that has good Char Kway Tiao. Thank you very much for all the suggestions.

      Someone actually recommended Chillipadi Mamak which is near Laksa King for good Malaysian food to me before. =]

      But I might hold off from Asian food for a bit as I just came back from Asia recently.

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