Lusciousness at LuxBite?



38 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Vic 3141

Phone: (03) 9867 5888


Ambience: 6/10 (nothing fancy, various types of furniture being jumbled together)

Food: 6.5/10 (interesting flavours for the standard macarons but major inconsistencies)

Service: 6/10 (slow in cleaning up)


LuxBite is a new dessert house on Toorak Road which first opened its door in December last year. Even though it is a fairly young addition to the ever growing food scene, it has already generated a cult following for its exquisite desserts! Everything is freshly baked at their kitchen, so rest assured that you are getting quality food.

I was first captivated by the beautiful pictures of the various desserts and macarons uploaded on LB’s facebook. They were so pretty and you just can’t bear to lay a finger on them! Not only that, they have some really interesting flavours that no other shops are making currently, such as Kaya Toast, Creme Brulee, Watermelon Yoghurt and White Peach & Jasmine.

Based on the various reviews that I have come across, LB has a legendary macaron: Ferrero Roche , which they are no longer making BUT for all fans who love it, don’t FRET! They have upsized it to a dessert version called, Supersized Love @ $8.50. When I saw the very last one at the fridge, I thought to myself, I really have to get it and know what’s all the craze about. ย It is about 8cm in diameter and 3cm thick! Two big chocolate crusts and half of them coated with chocolate and nuts (just like a ferrero roche); the filling was mouth-watering. However, I did not like the crusts, they were too dry and hard. I was having so much difficulty trying to cut it nicely and using all my jaw power to chew on them (aftertaste was gross). I thought it would have been something more similar to how a standard macaron will be, spongey and easy for the mouth! The chocolate filling tasted exactly like ferrero roche with the milk chocolate on the outer layer and the hazel nut hidden in the middle.
Of course, I have to bring away with me ย a box of their macarons (8 @ $19). One good thing about the macarons was that they tasted like how they should be, ie the flavours tally with the respective names. The crusts were rather different from the usual macarons on the market, they are thinner, less spongey but gelled well with the fillings put in.
From left to right:
1. Kaya Toast: It satisfied my craving of Yakun Kaya Toast back home and it ain’t too sweet. However, I ain’t a butter person, surprised that there was actually a small piece stuck between the macaron.

2. Oreo: Nothing really special.

3. Passionfruit: I could taste the fruity flavour, just like eating the fruit itself

4. Pistachio: Another standard flavour.

5. Creme Brulee: Brown sugar was scattered on the crusts, it was just too sweet for me.

6. Watermelon Yoghurt: I thought it would smell like yoghurt (which I ain’t a fan of), surprisingly, it tasted fine and it was soft, the crust and the filling seems to merge as one.

7. White Peach & Jasmine: Very light and airy, just like sipping a cup of the same flavoured tea.

8. Raspberry White Chocolate: You could taste more of the raspberry than the chocolate.

It was not as superb as I have expected it to be (top 20 macarons last year and the constant updates!), especially so for Supersized Love. The standard macarons were done in a different way, with the crusts tasting and looking as one which was favoursome! Sadly, I have a small complaint that maybe LB could look into improving: as seen in my last photograph, there were some significant inconsistencies in terms of the size of each macaron and the thickness, including the fillings. To be presentable in a box, be it as a gift or for personal pleasure, presentation is always a key factor!

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