Stripped to the Bare.


Naked for Satan

285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Vic 3065

Phone: (03) 9416 2238


Ambience: 7/10 (more of like a lounge and beer place)

Food: 5/10 (some of the bread tasted stale and indigestible)

Service: 6/10 (self-service except for some waitresses bringing freshly made pinxtos to diners)


Naked for Satan is one of the most talked about new Basque style bar/restaurants in Melbourne! It is located on Brunswick street among many boutique shops and interesting cafes. Tapas is such a thing of the past and seriously overpriced; the ‘in’ thing now is pintxos and NFS is the only place serving them now. At just 50 cents each on weekdays afternoons (it is also 50 cents on Wednesday nights) and $2 each on weekdays nights and weekends. It is quite a bargain, however, recently NFS has posted a note that they will encourage diners to purchase a drink to go with the pintxos (as NFS is still a bar to begin with) so as to continue to enjoy the indulgence!

The decor is pretty and the collection of wine bottles on the wall is massive. The lighting is warm and welcoming and the seats spacious and numerous.

I was faced with quite a sizable selections. I tried one of each that was on display and were given the meatball pintxos and croquettes by the waitresses walking around. They were freshly made from the kitchen and piping hot! The flavour was good and ingredients yummy (they were the saviours of my visit). The riceball pintxos (the one with yellow ball) that everyone was raving about is a big disappointment and it kind of tasted weird. The seafood, carrot flying fish roe was not bad, tasted sweet! The smoked salmon was just standard, nothing over the top. As for the rest, they were either not impressive or tasted disgusting (too salty, stale and too bland). The chocolate dessert that I took was the worst of the lot, I will not even pay 50 cents for it! 😦 The sugar flour sprinkled on top tasted artificial and the chocolate filling has no sweetness to it. Lastly, I also ordered a glass of Naked for Satan Ale @ $5.50 to complement my brunch. It was not outstanding but still refreshing.

NFS is a nice place to hang out with your mates after a long day at work for a drink or two, however for a decent meal, you will be better off somewhere else. The food is cheap but the standard is hell lot of a roller coaster ride. Another visit, maybe not, unless I am craving for some baguette spread? Bleahx.

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2 thoughts on “Stripped to the Bare.

  1. Visited NFS with a friend the other night after reading your review. While I agree that the food wasn’t outstanding, the simplicity and idea behind the food and service combined with the aesthetically pleasing look and feel of the place made for an overall enjoyable experience.

    Like you, I wouldn’t visit this place again solely for a decent meal , however I’d certainly go back with friends for a quick and simple drink and feed after a hard day’s work.

    Thanks for the review. Look forward to the next one!

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