Award Winning Macaron!


Shocolate ~ Master Chocolatiers

3/296 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Vic 3065

Phone: (03) 9415 6556


Ever want to have the biggest, the most mouth-watering, award-winning Chocolate macaron in Melbourne?!?!?!? Head over to Shocolate, the boutique dessert shop owned by French pastry chef, Damien, situated near the junction between Brunswick and Johnston streets. It is hailed as the best chocolate macaron in Melbourne 2010 and with a medal displaying in its fridge as proof!

I rocked up to Shocolate, expecting to find small macarons on display like LBM. However, I was overwhelmed with various versions of the delicacy – chocolates in all shapes, sizes and forms. But the fridge at the corner held the PRECIOUS of them all: the legendary chocolate macaron (it was white and not the typical all brown chocolate)! I did not expect it to be so huge, 6cm in diameter, 2.5cm in thickness. This was madness! I must say it is kind of pricey @ $15 each for dine in and $10 for takeaway but as a foodie, I endeavor to try all the good/bad stuff so as to let my readers share my experience! I was still rather full from lunch, so I got the waitress to get me a takeaway. Just as I was wondering why is she taking such a long time wrapping 1 macaron, I was presented with a huge bag with the box of gem! Now I know why the long wait….

The macaron was delicately made and well-presented, with a tiny gold leaflet sprinkled on top. The very first bite was surprisingly awesome, with the vanilla bean blended nicely and smoothly with the beautiful spongey crusts. The dark chocolate filling was subtle and hidden in the middle. The three different textures/ingredients were doing a tango in my mouth as I ‘gobbled’ it down, fearing that I will miss a tiny bit of it. It was creamy and finger licking good! Thumbs up to the great quality ganache presented upon yours truly.

It might be a tad overpriced but every single bite proved its worth to its bits! C’mon, you just have to give this best chocolate macaron in Melbourne 2010 a try, at least once in you lifetime. You will have no regrets, except for the fact that you have to share the lovely ‘little’ thing with your mate…

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3 thoughts on “Award Winning Macaron!

  1. Bought one of these for desert after visiting NFS, and am pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m certainly heading back now that I know about this place. Cheers!

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