Bill, Where’s my Taco?


Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant

142 Russell Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 3369


Ambience: 7.5/10 (with Mexican hats hanging and lovely pictures, transported into Mexico)

Food: 8.5/10 (very delicious and done differently)

Service: 6/10 (slow in cleaning up but waiter was courteous)


Taco Bill is the only Mexican restaurant on the market before Mamasita opened last year. It is like a fast food joint with several outlets populated across Victoria. The outlet at Russell Street apparently is the best of the lot. The bright orange and green sign on the ground floor is tacky but eye-catching! When J and I walked in, we were met with Mexican hats and large cups of Magaritas on several of the tables! The space was small and homely, with rather authentic interior decorations. We were shown to our seats at the corner of the restaurant by an enthusiastic young chap. The sitting was rather cramp and the guy in front of us had to shift his chair before I could get in. When we were seated, to my ‘horror’, I saw some taco sauce still on the table. The waiter came by quickly to clean up and apologized profusely for it.

TB is the only restaurant in town that offers frozen Magaritas so we decided to order their Tropical Magarita to share. It was lovely, just like drinking a slurpie from 7eleven! The fruity flavour was fresh and acidic.

Of course at a Mexican restaurant, you will have to order Tacos. TB has both hard and soft tacos @ $5.50 each, since I could only have soft ones at Mamasita, we decided to go with the hard ones. We got both beef and chicken! The beef was a tad too salty but the chicken was just find, drizzled with the delicious salsa sauce, loads of lettuce, onions and cheese! With the hard taco contrasting with all the tender fillings, it was a fantastic experience for the palate.

I had an awesome memory of Quesadilla at Mamasita, thinking they will be doing the same thing at TB, we ordered the Quesadilla Suprema. The gravy was wonderful with the shredded beef, it was not as salty as the one in the taco. The rice was weird, maybe I am just too used to the Asian way of rice. The large serving of guacamole, sour cream and salsa sauce complemented the whole dish superbly.

After going through all the dishes, we still had some room for more, so we ordered a small Nacho which ended up looking like it should be a LARGE instead. The nachos seem fresh not like those you get from supermarkets; large scoops of salsa sauce, sour cream and guacamole; the melted cheese was like stuffed crust from pizza. It satisfied my craving for a good melted cheese pizza! Happy girl I am.

I reckon that the experience was a much better one than Mamasita. Even though the place is small and does not have many seatings, it felt like home and the food was prepared from the heart and soul of the chefs busy at work in the ‘open’ kitchen!

Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant (Russell Street) on Urbanspoon


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