For the know-know!


Cupcakes by Paolo

Shop 251, Footscray Market, Irving Street, Melbourne, Vic 3011

Phone: 0435 509 192

T and I headed to Footscray for some grocery hunting and “sightseeing” in the light of being somewhat adventurous. I heard from V that the market is huge and I should be able to find the particular cut of beef that I like to use for my stir fry! (Coles used to sell them but it has now disappeared from the market COMPLETELY! Sad much! 😦 )V also mentioned that there is this cupcake place that is quite delicious located within the market and I might want to try it.

After walking through the market once, I did not see any stalls selling cupcakes. So, I “ventured” into the foodcourt and found what I was looking for! There was a huge sign in front of the stall, “Cupcakes by Paolo ~ taste the love”.

There were not many left on the counter: marshmallow, orange jaffa, strawberry and chocolate lover. Of course, I got the chocolate lover @ $3!

The presentation was different from the normal cupcakes that are already on the market, you can see the effort and thoughts put into it. The cake at the base was moist and soft, the chocolate icing on the top was smooth, silky and not too sweet. The combination of both was a match in heaven!

Cupcakes by Paolo is a hidden gem, only the know-know will be able to get hold of them! Hopefully, I can help spread the love and make it more popular. Maybe a shop in the city would be great! Even though you can always place your order in bulk online but having too many of some thing, do not seem to be a good idea? Lol. Let me know your review if you ever pop by the Footscray market and have one of this lovely little precious…


4 thoughts on “For the know-know!

    • agreed! i heard about this place from my colleague, the cake was really moist, much better than cupcake central! you should get your colleagues and friends to order in bulk with you from their website if you’re too lazy to go all the way to footscray! 🙂

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