The King of Ramen.


Ramen Ya

Shop 25G, Melbourne GPO, 350 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 5838


J and I decided to meet up for lunch on a weekday afternoon. It has been rather cold lately in Melbourne so we decided to head over to GPO for one of the best and acclaimed Japanese ramen at Ramen Ya.

There is the set lunch menu which included ramen, a side (choose between gyoza and salad) and green tea. [This was actually my second trip to Ramen Ya, the first time was a memorable experience with the chewy ramen, thick broth and perfectly done half boiled egg. πŸ™‚ ]

So we made our order at the counter for Char Siew Ramen in the famous/special Tonkotsu soup base and had one with salad as the side and gyoza with the other. We waited a good 15 minutes before the food arrived. To my dismay, the egg was hard boiled and dry; the noodles were not as chewy and fantastic as the way I remembered them to be. The gyoza was a tad too burnt but the salad was fresh with a delicious dressing. I strongly recommend my readers to try the ramen with Tonkotsu base, it was not salty nor will it make you feel thirsty after indulging (less MSG, that’s for sure!).

If only the consistency is maintained, Ramen Ya is seriously a place worth going to for some good quality ramen as opposed to those instant looking noodles from other places. The unique broth which is made in house for numerous hours is the main selling point and with lesser/no MSG and salt, it is a much healthier and tastier choice than anywhere else! =]

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2 thoughts on “The King of Ramen.

    • the first time was great but the second time did not seem to live up to my expectations! @.@ as i mentioned, consistency will be a major factor for them to work on! >.< nonetheless, a hot bowl of soup on a cold day beats everything else!!

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