Yuriya Japanese

172 Little Bourke Stret, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 3838



Ambience: 7/10 (family-friendly)

Food: 7.5/10 (large portion and fresh ingredients)

Service: 6/10 (not as attentive as desired)

Walking down Chinatown in search of a place to have dinner, J and I stumbled upon Yuriya, a Japanese Teppanyaki multi-storey establishment. It does not have a fancy exterior but I remember it being busy on weekends and weekdays alike. Pictures of promotional items were plastered on the window panes. We were shown into the restaurant by the enthusiastic young lady standing by the door in the bristling cold. Upon entering, we were met with smiles and courteous greetings (the waitresses were not Japanese but Chinese, weird?). One of them directed us to the seats at the corner, giving us the menus and left.

There was quite a large variety of both fresh and cooked traditional items. We decided to go with their promotional salmon sashimi (you can only order one of their discounted items between every two diners) @$8. When it arrived, we were stunned by the ‘big boat’ presented in front of us. The salmon was fresh and tender and with the price you pay, it was one whole lot of protein and omega 3!

I was craving for some Yakitori and saw them on the menu with a caption saying that the sauce is concocted by the chef with their own secret recipe. Sounded tempting and we placed an order for it. There were three sticks of them and the chicken looked kinda burnt on the outside but the smell was great and it was the way I like them to be. On the very first bite, the delicious and sweet sauce just burst right through my palate! It was the right flavour that I remember it as. However, if only they had used spring onions in between instead of just pieces of brown onions, they would have been much more a delight than they already were.

Unagi (eel) is always a favourite of J’s and so he decided to have Unagi rice @$18. We thought it would be simply a small bowl of rice with pieces of unagi on top. BUT we were wrong, it was one whole piece of eel with a large bowl of rice! I reckon that it is sufficient for two meals for me! =x The fish was fresh and meaty!

Lastly, I had Yuriya Bento @ $25 where I am able to sample all their signature dishes at once. I did not expect the portion to be so huge! Every item was done so nicely, nothing was over fried, over salty, simply all the flavours that I want for a Japanese bento box! Not only that, the pudding and fruit selections were great and provided a good after dinner dessert! ❤ To my dismay, my favourite egg dish was done rather badly. It was too sweet and too yellow!

Definitely a great hunt for affordable Japanese food! Portion and size were amazing and with the money you pay, they are worth every single cent! =]  Return, absolutely! Perhaps for their teppanyaki? 🙂

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