Go Hallah!


Hallah Contemporary Korean Cuisine

268 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, Vic 3003

Phone: (03) 9329 4293



Ambience: 7.5/10 (modern and classy layout)

Food: 7/10 (sweet egg and less salty)

Service: 5/10 (not very attentive and slow)


Victoria Street is a hidden Korean food haven, there are like 5 or 6 Korean restaurants side by side. T and I were thinking which one to try and decided to walk in the first one at the start of the street. They turned us away saying that they were full, the next one also rejected us. Finally, we walked into Hallah, a modern Korean restaurant with an upper level for BBQ. It has a chic and modern layout, just like those restaurants featured in Korean dramas.Apparently their signature dish is the fried chicken but looking at the tables around us having them, the portion was huge and the amount of oil, grease and “fried-ness” were shocking! We decided to keep with the traditional beef bulgogi. It was not as salty as other Korean restaurants (I hate food that is too strong in certain flavours and the aftertaste is just annoying) and they were generous with the beef servings. Not only that, they also had the glass noodles that I love.  The gravy was a good complement to our rice too!

Looking at the picture of the Big Cheese Egg Roll just made me drool! So we went ahead and got ourselves one. The egg was nice with spring onions mixed into them and the mayo and tomato sauce drizzled on top, made it a delicious addition to our dinner! We were not able to finish them all after having the bowl of rice with bulgogi which is a shame.

 It is quite rare that I enjoy Korean food but Hallah is one exception. I love the place and would love to have more egg rolls! Maybe the fried chicken if I am going with a whole group of friends? On a side note, while we were walking out of Hallah, I saw that the hinge of the doors have so many spider webs. They were thick and gross. Cleaniless is definitely not a top priority at Hallahm, that’s for sure! 😦

Hallah on Urbanspoon


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