A Legend is Born at Din Tai Fung!


Din Tai Fung

World Square Shopping Centre, Level 1, Shop 11.04, 644 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9264 6010



Ambience: 8/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10


Took a 3 day break from work and flew up to Sydney to indulge in all the good food! =] First stop, it was my long awaited Din Tai Fung. My loyal blog readers would have remembered the terrible experience that I had at Hutong in Melbourne few months ago.  I was adamant to make it a point to introduce DTF to my fellow Melburnians, to let them have an idea of who is the real legend makers of Xiao Long Bao.

Although P and I arrived at DTF’s doorstep an hour after the busy lunch time crowd, there was still a queue waiting outside. The waitress at the door gave us a form where all the dishes were listed clearly and we could put a tick beside the ones that we wanted. While waiting, you could see the chefs busy at work, making all the dumplings and XLB on the spot! 🙂

We were directed into the restaurant after a short 5 minutes wait. The waitress gave us a rack where we could place our bags and covered our coats with covers to prevent any food spillage onto our belongings. Quite a delicate touch to customer service, I like! =] The staff confirmed our order and we were presented with the famous XLB shortly! Each dumpling was wrapped with precision and intricacy, all of them had the same number of folds and the size was consistent. Not only that, the skin was thin and you can see the soup clearly.Picking each one with your chopsticks requires skills, if you exert too much force, the skin will tear open and the soup will come dripping out . T_T From the photo below, you can see that the skin was so much more chewy and thinner than Hutong’s. In addition, the soup is less salty, oily and light! You can just gobble one down, but beware that it might burn your tongue! The pork filling was tender and had a great blend of spring onions and garlic.

P ordered Minced Pork Noodles. It was one of her favourites! She mentioned that she absolutely loves it and the noddles are superb.

I always love their Beef Soup Noodles! The beef was cooked in the broth for a long time and it was tender. Once you bite into it, the beef becomes shreds and the flavour was soaking right into the core of it all. The noodles were chewy as usual and you simply could not stop after the first mouth! Salivating much. The broth was their selling point too with them making it really light and keeping the flavours intact!

Lastly, I remembered having this dessert last year and I could not forget about it: Taro Gelato with Golden Taro Bread. The icecream did not have the intense artificial taro colour, it was homemade with the taro bread which complemented it perfectly. It ain’t too sweet and perfect contrast between the soft and crunchy texture.

I maybe biased to say that I love DTF but c’mon after trying Hutong and Shanghai Village in Melbourne, I reckon Melburnians should try those XLB from DTF. It is like going to heaven and coming back down to earth! Kinda exaggerating but those XLB and other dishes there are just gourmet! If only, they are willing to open up a new branch in Melbourne! 😦
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2 thoughts on “A Legend is Born at Din Tai Fung!

    • Hi Tina,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Totally agree with you. =] I expected alot from Hutong though as it is the better restaurant serving XLB!


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