Be Blown Away by this Hurricane…


Hurricane’s Grill & Bar

Darling Harbour Shopping Centre, Level 2, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9211 2210


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 7.5/10 (should have salad as the side of the steak)

Service: 6.5/10 (we were waiting for a long time even though I made a reservation earlier and secluded seating)


My colleagues recommended that I should try the steaks at Hurricane’e Grill and Bar when I am visiting Sydney and I did, made a reservation for dinner at 7.30pm few days in advance. P and I arrived to the front desk 10 minutes before our reservation and the lady gave us an attitude which I find rather nasty. She suggested that we can wait at the bar while the staff was clearing the table for us. I know it is a busy restaurant but we are the paying customers! Anyway, the bar has an interesting layout with flames blowing behind the bartenders.  (Cooking on fire! Woohoo!)

After a good wait for another 30 minutes, we were finally asked to follow the waitress. I did not expect the restaurant to be this packed with diners on every single table available! Many of them were having bibs on, digging into the famous ribs despite the ‘danger’ of dirtying their faces, makeup and clothes! Seemingly, they are the best heh! We were brought to the outdoor seats, right at the end of the restaurant. Thankfully, it was not raining while we dined. The heater was right above us, providing the warmth we need in the bristling winter cold.

Upon the recommendation of the Korean waitress who was serving us, I ordered a glass of Glaetzer ‘Wallace’ Shiraz Grenache from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It was not ‘choking’ like the general Shiraz on the market, it was rather subtle with a nice fragrance to it which went well with my steak that I had later on.

As P was still full from lunch, she got the Short Cut Sirloin Steak with chips that was designed for those who are not-so-hungry. She had it medium with mushroom sauce! She was happy with her steak, she liked its tenderness. But she would be happier if she has some salad on the side to make the meal a healthier and more digestible option!

I asked the staff if I should go for rib-eye or rump steak, she suggested that rib-eye is more tender and one of their more popular options. I had it medium rare, all steak lovers would agree that the best steak is to have it medium rare, where the meat is cooked but at the same time, you can taste and know the exact freshness of that slab of meat! As they do not serve mashed potato as the side, I went with the chips like P did. Also, mushroom sauce to go with my steak. The steak was so succulent on my first chomp and it actually had a nice sweetness to it, not like P’s which was bland, towards tasteless. Not only that, the mushroom sauce was creamier and different from other mushroom sauces that I have tried so far. 🙂

Thanks to the knowledgeable waitress who recommended the perfect red wine to go with my rib eye, I had an awesome dinner. However, I would have expected better attitude and service at the front desk. If you are the face of the restaurant, (I know you might be tired after a long day at work) you should not be so pissy or discriminatory? =x As we were given an alfresco seating, towards the end of dinner, it started drizzling and we could feel the rain. @.@ Not only that, the table before us, somehow got frightened by a small cockroach or bug (couldn’t see clearly in the dark). I know it is unavoidable when you are seating outside, but hygiene is still paramount. >.< On a side note, I was quite disturbed by the fact that there were so many diners ordering the large racks of ribs and finishing them within minutes! Kinda daunting for me. T_T

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2 thoughts on “Be Blown Away by this Hurricane…

  1. I’ve had to deal with a nasty front desk person as well!! Well, not me specifically, but my friends and I arrived early for a booking [and not all of us had arrived] and they refused to let us sit until all had arrived. =\\ We moved to Criniti’s instead. Their service is awesome!

    • I guess they want to fill up the whole table? =x some restaurants are just so anal about it! ohoh, Criniti, will take note of it the next time I visit Sydney! 🙂

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