Guylian the Sweet Tooth.


Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

Shop 10, 3 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: 02 8274 7900


Melbourne is full of chocolate cafes, Lindt, Koko Black, Max Brenner, San Churro, just to name a few. However, it does not have Guylian! So, I decided to visit it to do a review on it since I am here.Β After some walking around The Rocks, shopping at the DFS and visiting the Sydney Opera House, we went to the Guylian outlet in front of the Opera House to have some sweets! As we still have a dinner reservation later on, P and I decided to just order a milkshake each! P had the Guylian Shake, Praline icecream with chocolate sauce. It tasted more like coconut and hazelnut, you hardly could taste any chocolate. 😦 While I had the Guylian Dark Chocolate shake which was fantastic! It was thick and blended really nicely. I also got some chcolates to share with my colleagues and J and T! They were not as hard as those from Lindt or Cadbury, the moment you put them in your mouth, they melt and they were soft and milky. As a non chocolate chocolate eater (example: I can’t finish one whole bar of Cadbury by myself, it’s too sweet and too much), I was surprised that they are not sweet, chunky and indigestible like the other chocolates that I tasted before. Love its differences, if only they could open one in Melbourne to provide more alternatives. πŸ˜› Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe on Urbanspoon


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