A Little Tipsy on Sake!


Sake Restaurant & Bar

12 Argyle Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9259 5656



Ambience: 8/10 (good place to have business dinner or small gathering)

Food: 8/10

Service: 7/10 (forgot my order at the bar T_T)


Sake Restaurant has been featured in the cooking show, Masterchef, on Channel 10 two years in a row. They always get the head chef to set challenges for the participants and reviews on it have been amazing so far! In order to secure a sitting at this buzzing restaurant, I reserved a table several days in advance! The lady was asking if it is something special as I booked two seats for P and I (initially)? Lol. As we were meeting up with a high school friend and his gf, I amended my reservation on the day to 4 and there was no fuss about it. Nice!

We arrived at the restaurant slightly earlier than the reservation, we were shown to the bar. I was mesmerised by the large cellar displaying the huge array of Japanese and Australian wine alike.

As L and gf were running rather late, I thought it is awkward to just sit there with P, so I placed an order for a Strawberry mocktail which the lady totally forgot about. @.@ When I didn’t want to order, she kept “pestering” me; when I did order, nothing came to me. 😦 I was only given the drink after we finished ordering our meal, efficient and careful service. Perhaps not?

First up, we ordered a Sashimi Combo to share. We were so captivated by the luscious and freshness of the fish that we dug in the moment it was served. Thus, I could only capture the ‘aftermath’. I still prefer the intricate presentation at Shoya in Melbourne even though the sashimi at Sake was top notch and felt like freshly cut from the fish itself.

L ordered Pan Seared ocean barramundi: cove bay barramundi pan seared and finished with butter soy on sweet yuzu ponzu buckwheat and tomato salso while his gf hadΒ Ocean Trout: pan seared ocean trout served with edamame puree & Asian mushrooms tossed in butter soy. Both expressed that they were done nicely and the fish having a great fragrant to it. Quality was unquestionable.

P had the Tempura udon, the udon was exceptionally chewy and the broth was light. A good warm soup for a cold winter night in Sydney was nothing but perfect.
As a beef lover, I had to order Wagyu 7+ beef teriyaki: cooked medium rare, served on sauteed shiitake and buckwheat with yakiniku sauce. The beef was tender, cooked the way I like and the yakiniku sauce completed it really well. The spring onion and mashed garlic on top gave a different texture on every mouth I took.

Overall, interesting and delicate contemporary Japanese cuisine and definitely living up to its hype. Nice, homely decor and we were given the traditional Japanese tatami seating area! Sadly, not many people actually took off their shoes and observed the tradition. T_T However, the service is yet to be improved on.
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