Affordability at Meshiya.



200 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 6242


Ambience: 7/10 (cosy and homely)

Food: 6/10 (my beef was cold but the rest was fine)

Service: 6/10 (prompt and alert)


J and I were looking for a place to have dinner on a cold rainy night after getting grocery done. We remembered that there is this Japanese restaurant at the corner of QV. It is rather small but always seems to be busy and has a nice cosy feel to it.

We were shown to the seats beside the kitchen almost immediately after we stepped in. It was a tad cramped but we can ‘live’ with it. As we were quite wet due to the rain, we ordered two cups of green tea which were served in adorable cups with traditional Japanese printing on them. The tea was soothing and light, if only it was brewed and not pre made in packets.

We also ordered takoyaki but were deeply disappointed by the fact that they were fried. Why can’t I find a Japanese restaurant that serves takoyaki the correct way?! 😦

As for the mains, I got myself a Sakura Bento Box with fried chicken, grilled salmon and beef stew. When I took the first bite into the delicious looking beef, I was ‘horrified’ that the beef is cold! I was deeply traumatised and I got the waitress to take it away. She apologised profusely and brought my bento box back to the kitchen and got the chef to remake it. On the second round, the beef was piping hot and was pretty all right. The salmon was grilled tenderly and was not dry at all. The chicken was pretty normal.

J had the Chef’s bento which was much better than mine. The beef was soaked in a flavoursome gravy and the tenderness was superb. The tempura was standard, the sashimi was fresh but the yakitori was a bit too salty. J was satisfied with his choice nonetheless.

Maybe it is just a matter of choice, I was not very satisfied with the dishes I ordered? There were certain plus points about Meshiya but still, they have many things to work on I reckon. Serving something cold to the customers is like a BIG NO NO? Going back for more, perhaps NOT.

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