Fun Blast at City Grill Room!


City Grill Room

535 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9602 2228


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 7.5/10

Service: 7.5/10 (managed to get everyone’s order right!)


It was my manager’s farewell dinner. Initially, we wanted to have it at Butcher’s Grill but we were told that they are not able to cater to so many people on a Friday night. After searching through numerous steakhouses in CBD, we managed to secure a sitting for 20 people at City Grill Room!

It had a very simple layout and racks and racks of red wines around the restaurant. We started with several entrees, the first dish was Grilled Camembert: aged King Island Camembert char-grilled then served with Cranberry jelly. The cheese was creamy and soft, I reckon it will go very well with a piece of Baguette.

Next, we had Grilled Beef Sausage with chili sauce on the side.  It was an average sausage, I am not a big fan of sausages, thankfully this one did not have any weird smell to it.

Black Tiger Prawn Kebab was next up. The prawns were fresh!

Last of the entrees was Char Grilled Calamari. The presentation was great and the calamari was fresh!

As for main, I ordered CAAB Angus Eye Fillet with fries and mushroom sauce! I had the steak done medium rare but the first few slices were technically not medium rare, more of like medium to medium well. (I know it’s disappointing heh!) But I must say that the beef was soft and tender. The moment you put you knife on it, it glided down ‘on its own’. I really wish that they serve mashed potatoes instead of either fries or baked potatoes. 😦 The fries were too dry and the mushroom sauce was a tad runny and salty! Did not like it. The sauce at Hurricane was much better.

My manager had the Sticky Date Pudding for dessert which she thought is good!

I had plain old vanilla ice cream which is just creamy.

Another colleague had the white chocolate mousse which was so hard on the outside that she gave up eating half way through. To make matter worse, it did not even taste nice. @.@

Overall, nothing impressive but the company of my colleagues was great! It was an awesome night with delicious and quality steaks, SIMPLE.
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