Pleasure Not.


Wonton House

181 Russell Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9662 9882


I wanted to have something light as it was already late in the afternoon. J and I decided to order several entrees at Wonton House. First, we had Fried Wonton (duh!). The skin was bad and the amount of filling given was so little that you could not even find it. I managed to eat chunks and chunks of terrible fried skin which was unappetizing.

The soft shell crab was lightly battered with generous amount of spring onions and shallots. A good combinations of light spices though.Next, we had the sweet and sour soup which was bland on its own! The one we had at Rose Garden was so much better and fragrant. However, after adding a light doze of vinegar, it somewhat brought out the flavours a little more.

Fried Chicken was crispy and juicy but the gravy drizzled on top was too gluey and salty.

Lastly, we had Xiao Long Bao. They were better than Hutong’s but the skin was much thicker than Shanghai Village’s. The filling was pretty all right and tender.

Disappointing experience with several terrible tasting dishes. I will rather go to Rose Garden to satisfy my cravings.
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