Yes Mister Close!


Mister Close

Shop 13 Midtown Plaza, 246 Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 7778


Ambience: 7/10 (very modern, clean cut)

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 6/10 (prompt and earnest)


Mister Close is an exciting new addition right smack in the heart of Melbourne CBD! ย Its location used to be taken up by a Hello Kitty store and a shop that sells wigs. J was raving about how interesting MC is for a week or so; in order to see for myself, I decided to pop by on a weekday afternoon.

The first thing that caught my eyes is the drawing of a man plastered on the wall. MC is the brainchild of two classmates who want to share their love of food (which are freshly made daily in their on site kitchen). The name MC is an inspiration from their Geography teacher with the exact same name! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was lunch hour and MC was packed to the brim. J and I managed to get ourselves some really high seats at the side (I was afraid that I might fall backwards!).

We were served with the menus (items are different everyday, so you will be in for a surprise on a daily basis!) and water almost immediately after we sat down. J got himself a beef burrito with a bowl of light salad on the side. Great combination of flavours, slightly on the heavier and saltier side according to him. It worked out really well on his palate though. The sour cream and salsa given were awesome enhancement.

As I had my lunch already and seeing that MC was having a triple chocolate muffin for the day! I ordered it straightaway. It was warm, fluffy, the chocolate chips added a different texture to every mouthful I had. A good thing was it is not too sweet, simply a great afternoon snack.

J ordered the classic hot chocolate while I had the cold chocolate shake. He thought it is pretty standard whereas mine was like drinking Milo or Nesquik? Too thick, it felt like they added heaps and heaps of chocolate powder and gave them a quick spin.

Sadly, I don’t think it live up to all the hype of a new restaurant. It might have a nice and chic layout, the food selection is interesting and caters to different dietary needs but the quality wise and the presentation of the food still have some room for improvement.
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2 thoughts on “Yes Mister Close!

  1. I work close by. Take if for what it is – a badly needed cafe in the area that offers quality food. I go there every day for my coffee and the guys who run it are so passionate. Forget the hype and just enjoy – everyone wants to cut down tall poppies, but after speaking to these very humble onwers – they just love what they do. Their food is great and doesnt show any pretense. They are not a restaraunt – just a cafe wanting to give us local city folk a good feed – which they do superbly.

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