Paddling on Petaling Street…


Petaling Street

162 Swanston Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9639 8264


Petaling Street is yet another new born on the bustling Swanston Street. It is a franchise and the outlet in the city is their new venture. So, V, J and I decided to pop by during lunch for a quick bite. Even though the place was packed, we did not have to wait long for our seats (thankfully).We were given the menu quickly and there was a rather sizeable selection to choose from. J got Marmite Chicken Ribs with rice which was disappointing. The rice was falling all over the place when it was served; the chicken was coated with too much honey that it actually tasted bitter. The coating was not crispy, luckily the chicken was still moist underneath. More vegetables should be added I reckon.

I ordered Wonton Noodles, thinking that the noddles should be those thin ones and with ‘real’ BBQ pork. I was taken aback when I was presented with my order. The noddles were mee pok (flat egg noodles, which is not commonly used for this dish); the char siew did not seem to be done properly. It was steam pork perhaps, according to V. The only saving grace was the won ton which had good seasoning in the filling and tiny bits of prawns mixed in.

V did not want much so she had a hot soya bean drink which was served in a cute metal mug. It was not too sweet and was homemade!

Petaling Street might be serving food at affordable prices but presentation and quality need some care and dedication! I reckon that Rose Garden is doing such a better job at serving similar food at even cheaper prices.
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