Fit for the sick?


Shanghai Street Dumpling

342 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9600 2250


V has been raving about Shanghai Street Dumpling since last week, she was telling me that it is cheap and yummy. So we decided to go sample some during our lunch break. When we arrived, there was already a queue forming. Luckily, we did not have to wait long and was shown to the seat right in front of the counter.

As I do a vegetarian diet on Fridays, I ordered Vegetable dumplings with noodles at $8. The portion was indeed huge and I had 8 vegetable dumplings scattered on top. I was eagerly digging my chopsticks and spoon into the bowl when I started sipping on the soup. There was no taste to it at all, it was like plain hot water! ย The noodles were pretty much tasteless too. As for the dumplings, they tasted bland on its own but when dipped into soya sauce, they became TOO salty! How ironic. The skin was pretty all right, not too thick nor floury.

V had the Xiao Long Bao which was juicy and delicious. But might be hidden with lots of MSG.

The noodles that I had are really bad, more for like patients who are in need of soup. Maybe I will go back for their fried dumplings some time soon to do some justice…

Shanghai Street Dumpling on Urbanspoon


The following week, I went back to Shanghai Street with V again for lunch. This time round I ordered their Shanghainese Pan Fried dumplings which were great! They were the way I like them: the skin was tender, not too fried and the filling was fragrant complemented by the tasty broth. The spring onion sprinkled on top satisfied my craving for some fried dumplings to a T!

V had fried pork and prawn dumplings which were delicious too, besides from the fact that the skin was a tiny winy bit thick, there was a whole prawn in there and the soup brought out the taste really well.

She also had the spring rolls which were bigger than what she expected!

All in all, a much better experience that my first. ๐Ÿ™‚ A quick and filling lunch, CHECK!


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