Discovery at Manchester Press!


Manchester Press

8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9600 4054


I was looking for a place to have lunch on Urbanspoon and came across Manchester Press! Apparently, the name was derived from the publishing firm that used to be there. From the various reviews, it could be seen that MP serves good coffee and bagels.

When I arrived at MP with J, the tables there were pretty much filled. We were shown to this long table in front of the kitchen and was given a bottle of water with two glasses swiftly. The interesting thing was the menu, it was on a clipboard with each dish plastered on them in the form of tags!

J had a latte with a cute lady face drawn on the top! He said it has a nice fragrant to it.

I had Salmon Sesame Bagel with a soft egg (I actually saw my plate resting on the table for quite some time before one of the waiters grabbed it and delivered it to me 😦 ). The cured salmon was fresh and thinly sliced. The bagel was nice but a tad hard for my liking. I had some difficulty fitting the whole bagel into my mouth, maybe I have put in too many things between the bagels. Oh well, the salad was fresh but I reckon they could do with a bit more dressing. As for the bagel, maybe they could offer other options instead of just butter?

Overall, the coffee is priced reasonably but for the bagels at $12 each, I expected a bigger portion and not leaving with a half-filled stomach? I also suggest that food should be served almost immediately after they are cooked rather than left sitting on the benchtop, collecting dust. @.@


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