Switchboard Cafe

11 & 12 Manchester Unity Arcade, 220 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000


Switchboard Cafe is one of those little cafe that you will not know of unless you search far and wide or you have a friend who has a strong affinity with good quality coffee! I stumbled upon this place and decided to take J with me. Switchboard does not have a website nor a phone number and it is situated at the same place that used to be a ‘real’ Switchboard room. (Sounds familiar heh!)

SC does not have a big kitchen or extensive menu or many seats for patrons. They have a few wooden stools on the side and some seats in the alley way where smokers are free to ‘indulge’. The wallpaper is quite retro and gave me a homely feel even though it is in a disturbing green colour.

J ordered a latte as usual which was served beautifully on a cute white plate and a pretty swirl on the top. He said it had a very natural fragrance.

He also had a salami sandwich with cheese. The bread was toasted nicely and the cheese melted beautifully onto the salami. Every bite was soft , crispy and fantastic.

I asked if they had iced chocolate, I was being told that the best that they could do was chocolate with milk. As I did not want to have anything hot, I went with that. It was not disappointing but it tasted more like milk with a light hint of chocolate.

Great sandwich with awesome brew of coffee in this much hidden and unpolished cafe.
Switchboard Cafe on Urbanspoon


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