So near yet so far…


Commercial Bakery

360 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 8631 5900


Having walked along Little Collins Street numerous times, I should have spotted this little gem a long time ago. However, we seem to always ‘neglect’ lane ways and go for shops with more prominent signs. Commercial Bakery started as a standalone bakery and has now expanded to include a little cafe attached to a restaurant at the back.

The store front was filled with an array of sandwiches, muffins and cakes! By looking at them, just made me salivate. T_T Once you walk in, you are greeted by the friendly staff and the interesting coffee machine that does not look like those typical ones that I have seen so far in Melbourne. It is one with levers! Does it make the coffee taste any different? Read on…

J had his dose of latte which came in a classic Romacaffe cup and a pretty coffee art on top. It was nicer than the one he had at Switchboard, it had a more coffeey smell and taste.

He also had the muffin of the day: orange and poppy seeds. The citrus flavour was subtle and gave a twist to the typical sweet pastry and the poppy seeds provided a great addition to the various textures!

I had a toasted Salmon sandwich. Even though the bread was toasted, the inside of the bread was still soft and moist. However, they had used ricotta between the sandwich, I reckon that cheddar or old English cheese will be better as they would melt when they are toasted. Not only that, it would also gel with the salmon and make everything as one and melts into the bread! Therefore, I declare Switchboard as the winner of the sandwich battle.

Overall, a very nice and earnest place for a quick lunch. I will definitely return to try the variety of bread and pastries! Heard that their chocolate cake is really awesome!
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