Intimate Affair at Butchers Grill!


Butchers Grill, Meat & Wine Cellar

141 Bourke Street, Melbourne  Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9639 1222


Ambience: 7.5/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 7.5/10

J and I were off to Town Hall for a concert by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra but prior to that, we need to satisfy our rumbling tummies! J has been craving for steak for quite some time now and I remember that there is a classy steakhouse that I have been wanting to try since I moved to Melbourne, Butchers Grill, which is located right next to Izakaya Hachibeh on Bourke Street. So, we headed there to grab some dinner.When we arrived at the door, we were greeted by the friendly manager who showed us to our seats immediately and delivered the drinks menu promptly. The decor reminded me of the classical European restaurants and there were walls and walls of wines. 🙂 Flipping through the extensive wine list, we were overwhelmed with the numerous tempting choices. At that moment, we were eager to try some Pinot Noir and the French waiter recommended several options for us. J settled for the Ninth Island Pinot Noir from the Tamar Valley in Tasmania which was crisp and fruity; I got myself Catalina Sounds Pinor Noir from Marlborough in New Zealand, it was stronger and had a more berry-like taste.

Next, we were presented with the main menu and the waiter went through the catch of the day and the special steak too. Even though J was tempted to have the steaks but he was lured into trying the Banquet! So, here we go for the Banquet Menu A.

First up, we had Mixed dips with Turkish Bread. The dips included capsicum, beetroot and sour cream; they were tasty and complemented the grilled turkish bread really well. I love the capsicum dip the most as it had a subtle yet flavoursome enhancement to the plain old bread. The beetroot dip was surprisingly pleasing; the bread was fluffy and was delicious on its own too!

The next plate that we had was Spinach & Cheese Burek with homemade yogurt and Char Grilled Baby Octopus with tomato, fennel and feta salad. I absolutely love the pastry used in the Burek, the spinach and cheese filling tasted fabulous together with the right amount of seasoning! However, the piece that I had was slightly burnt on the top layer and at the side. After scrapping those bits off, I was still able to enjoy this lovely dish with the yogurt spread on top. As for the octopus, they were fresh and chewy. Having each piece with the salad was simply awesome.

We were feeling somewhat full at this point already when we were presented with this huge plate of Snicla: pork fillet filled with smoked ham and cheese served with spring onion and potato salad; Chevapchichi: Balkan style beef & pork sausages, white onion and ajvar; Mushroom stroganoff  with sour cream and mashed potato. Among these 3 dishes, my favourite was the mushroom stroganoff with mashed potato! I simply adore mashed potato, however it was a bit too salty and lumpy for my liking, maybe because of the mushrooms? It was mouth watering nonetheless. The sausages were not that great as they were dry and a tad burnt. T_T J and I were impressed with the pork fillet, the stuffing was amazing and the skin was not too fried. The crispiness was maintained and the pork was tender on the inside and flavoursome. 🙂 The potato salad was tasty too even though it was lightly drizzled with dressing!

Of course, you need to have some vegetables to balance the night: Shopska salad of capsicum, tomato, onion, cucumber & feta. It was fresh and healthy!

By this time, we were almost bursting and running late for our concert. I got the waitress to prepare the dessert first while we were finishing the previous dishes. The dessert plate came with Bombe Alaska: -28 degrees Celsius vanilla icecream with warm chocolate centre and flame meringue; Rich chocolate ganache; Home style baklava roulade and berries at the side. The manager came to our table and poured a small cup of cognac over Bombe Alaska and lighted it up in flame. It was cool! I tried poking my fork into the Alaska but it was frozen on the inside. Breaking it took some time and the base was a piece of mint chocolate which boosted the already yummy dessert! The chocolate ganache was another wonderful addition to the night. But the berries were too sour and the baklava roulade was just not something that I like but J gladly finished it all.

Personally, it was a wonderful treat with the various dishes even though we did not have the time to fully enjoy the dessert as we were late for the concert. The service was welcoming and earnest. I will definitely return and this time, I am so gona try their steaks! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Intimate Affair at Butchers Grill!

  1. i recommend both meat wine and co, raresteak house as great steak standards! Vlado is even more a luxury steak experience i’ve heard. SAme for the point at albert park

  2. Neil Perry as in Rockpool? I guess they’re good because they use excellent quality wayu beef, pretty costly though. Today at the royal melbourne show, i think Rockpool purhcased the champion cow which was the most expensive one auctioned for the day haha. Otherwise, i don’t remember it being that overly special from my last meal there. Table number 8 angus beeft are worth a go too. That restaurant last year also served royal melbourne show winning steaks after the show

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