Pop & Selma’s Cafe

34 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza Vic 3930

Phone: (03) 8743 1120


Ambience: 6/10

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 6/10


Several of my colleagues and I decided to embark on a road trip to Mornington Peninsula and Mount Eliza area. We were there for a hard rock massage but first, we had to fill our tummies with some delicious goodies. We walked around the area and saw some promising cafes with patrons sitting at the outdoor area, bathing under the warm winter sun with their pets.After much contemplation, we decided to try our luck at Pop & Selma’s: it is a small and homely cafe with a large selection of breakfast and brunch items. We were definitely spoilt for choice! πŸ™‚

First up, there was Pop’sΒ Big Breakfast: Free-range eggs served with bacon, seasoned mushrooms, grilled roma tomato and wilted spinach served on ciabatta. It was impressive to the eyes and a delicious tingle to the taste buds!

Next, we had two very similar dishes. Eggs Florentine: Poached eggs served on English breakfast muffin, wilted spinach topped with Pop’s homemade hollandaise sauce; Eggs Benedict: Poached eggs served on English breakfast muffin, ham and topped with homemade hollandaise sauce. Both had their poached eggs done nicely with the best hollandaise sauce that they had tasted so far. πŸ˜€For the cooked breakfast, customers are able to get more individuality and ingredients that they are craving for. In the picture, we have scrambled eggs on sourdough, mushrooms and home made salsa sauce. Β It was absolutely mouth watering!As for me, I had Turkish Breakfast: toasted Turkish pide with a fried egg, crispy bacon, fresh tomato, roquette and mayonnaise. After ordering, I realised that I forgot to get the waitress to change the bacon to something else. 😦 The fried egg was done the way I like, with the yolk oozing out the moment you cut into it. Not only that, with the little bit of mayonnaise spread on the pide, it softened the bread and gelled with the egg yolk and tomatoes. It was simply heaven! The bacon was fried and hard, I took a small bite and gave the rest to my colleagues. It was a well presented and balanced breakfast I must say!

P&S is a great place to go for breakfast/brunch, ingredients used were fresh and value for money! A wonderful meal to kick start the day!
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