Be Mesmerized at Old Town?


Old Town Kopitiam

Ground Level, 195 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9639 6098


Ambience: 7/10 (retro fitting like in a cafe)

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 6/10


I had a sudden pang for Hainanese Chicken Rice and remembered that I have yet to try it at the original Old Town Kopitiam in Chinatown. So J and I headed there for a late afternoon fix!We were shown to the table at the corner almost immediately when we walked into the shop. However, we were only given menus and not water (we had to ask for them afterwards). The variety was rather limited and the pictures did not look appealing at all. Β T_T

J and I started with a plate of Roti Canai, the roti looked handmade and was fluffy instead of those frozen flat ones that are being microwaved and served to diners. The curry was flavoursome and the sambal chilli sauce given at the side tasted sweet rather than spicy.

Of course, I ordered the Hainanses Chicken Rice since that was my initial purpose of visiting Old Town. I have a major complaint about the chicken, the portion might be big but the chicken was tough! Based on my years of “experience” with this favourite dish of mine, the chicken should be more tender and soft. The sauce that was drizzled on the meat was rather bland for my liking, a tiny bit more of soya sauce should be added to bring out the taste of the bean sprouts hidden beneath the chicken. On top of that, they were rather stingy with their serving of cucumbers, giving only 2 tiny slices. @.@ The saving grace was the rice and chilli; the rice was delicious with the chicken stock fragrance and the chilli was the perfect kick to the dish! They should also be liberal about the shallots to enhance the dish and provide a different texture.

I was quite disappointed with my chicken rice. I can’t wait to go back to Asia to have some decent ones at much reasonable pricing! >.<
Old Town Kopitiam on Urbanspoon


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