Pucci Pucci NO NO!



188 Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9077 2593


The site for Puccinos used to be a restaurant selling Singaporean food which has since ceased its operations. After months of renovations, P was born! Walking past it several times and looking at the beautiful layout andthe fairly decent number of patrons visiting the stall. I decided to give it a try after work.
When I walked into the cafe, we were greeted with smiling waiters but there was not a single diner around. @.@ Looking at the display, I realised that P is stocking Le Petit Gateau’s cakes! I thought to myself, this is great, we have another place to indulge in good quality cakes. J and I ordered the signature Passionfruit Chocolate Brownie, assuming that it would taste as delicious as it did previously. However, we were presented with a slice that had a dull yellow passionfruit on top and it tasted sour! I remember it tasting less sour and had a natural fruity flavour? WHAT HAPPENED? Is it the leftovers from the real Le Petie Gateau or?

J ordered a latte which was pretty standard and I had a floral tea that came in a rather interesting pot!  The lid had a ‘leaf’  sticking out which was connected to the teabag. The first two cups of the tea were pretty refreshing but it started to have a weird after taste when I made my way through to the bottom of the pot. 😦

Lastly, we also had two macarons: Pistachio and Rose. I must say they were the worst macarons that I have tried ever. They were tough like rocks or hard candy? The filling inside was still acceptable but the crusts were disgusting! T_T I am suspecting it might have something to do with their fridge? As both the cakes and macarons were tasting horribly off?

My experience at Puccinos was definitely a nightmare! The pastries were not up to standard, however, it is a new establishment. Maybe we will just have to give it some time to grow and mature?

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