Chasing the end of the RAINBOW!


Rainbow Restaurant

Level 2, 206 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9650 2188


Ambience: 6/10

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 4/10


More and more new restaurants are popping up in the city, one of them is the multiplex by the name of Rainbow. It consists of a KTV lounge with distinctive themes to each individual room, pool tables and of course, a restaurant. Β I remember that it serves yum cha buffet style, so J and I decided to give it a try.When we arrived at the door, we were asked if we have made any reservations, to which we said no. I could see that there were still many available seats but we were made to wait at the door for a good 5 minutes before the waitress showed us to our seats. The lighting was bright and welcoming with natural light streaming in (which is a rather rare in restaurants in Melbourne so far!).

In true buffet style, the waitresses were pushing carts of delightful delights around for diners to choose. For the very first round, we had two baskets of Har Kaw (they are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE) and a basket of Siew Mai. The Har Kaw had a light and chewy skin; the prawns were fresh and succulent. As for the Siew Mai, they were just all right according to J.

Next, we had Prawn and Scallop rice flour rolls. The scallops were a tad too small (it’s a buffett, can’t really pick on this huh) and had a strong fishy smell (frozen perhaps?). As for the prawns, they were pretty standard. The soya sauce was the right balance as compared to my previous experience at Dragon Boat which was BLAND and watery.

J ordered Pork with Eggplant which was tasty and tender; fried egg tofu with chilli and spring onions sprinkled on the top added a twist to our palate.

I grabbed hold of one of the waiters and ordered egg tarts and fried carrot cakes from him directly. The egg tarts were fluffy and ain’t too sweet; fried carrot cakes were not fried properly and not many radish strips could be found. 😦

Lastly, I had the Herbal Pudding. I think this was the first time that I had this herbal remedy hot instead of cold (I prefer most of my desserts and drinks cold! πŸ™‚ ) Even though it was drizzled with a scoop of honey, it was so much more bitter than the cold ones I could remember and had before. But I reckon, the more bitter it is, the more herbs were added, the better it is for you? πŸ˜€

On a side note, I have a major complaint about their hygiene standard. The initial sets of bowls, plates and chopsticks were not washed properly, there was still dirt on them! T_T When I asked the waiter to get them changed, he was looking rather pissed at me?!!?! In addition, the side of our tables were collecting a huge amount of dust. Under the bright lighting, it was so obvious? Not only that, when I went to the bathroom, I was overwhelmed by the mountains of paper towels overflowing from the bin and onto the floor. It looked as if nobody has cleaned it up for days! It was gross and smelling bad! @.@ To think it is a sparkling new establishment, I would have expected them to be more cautious about hygiene and customer service. However, I would suggest to try their buffet at least once? Of course, we are still on a hunt for the best yum cha in Melbourne city…
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2 thoughts on “Chasing the end of the RAINBOW!

  1. Hi there!

    If you have looking for a nice restaurant for Yum Cha, you might like to try out Red Emperor in Southbank. I have dined there a couple of years ago for lunch during a weekday and was impressed with the food and wine list that accompanies it. Not sure if they have kept up with the standards. Have to say that the service is not as impressive as the food and wine but perhaps it will make up for the lack of it.

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