-39 perhaps?


+39 Pizzeria

362 Little Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9642 0440



Ambience: 6/10

Food: 5/10

Service: 3/10


+39 was rated the winner of the best pizzeria 2010 by The Age Epicure and my colleagues who visited this establishment were amazed by the quality of food! However, our experience at +39 proved otherwise.

As it was a Sunday night, thinking that we might not have a seat for dinner (as it is very popular and it was Fathers’ Day), we decided to drop by +39 and asked if we are able to walk in for dinner around 7. We were greeted by the friendly staff and were assured that since there are only the two of us, dinner at 7 was no problemo.

We came back to the restaurant at 7 and were shown to a seat near the door, we could feel the cold breeze whenever someone opens the door which was rather annoying. >.< There was a large selection of pizza and pasta and the drink list was rather extensive.

We started off with Roman Chips while we decided on which pizza to try. I thought the chips would be something fancy or different from the norm (based on the name), we were presented with a bowl of potato chips sprinkled with cheese, salt and pepper. I reckon I could whip up the exact same dish at home and give it a much interesting name. T_T

J ordered Bellini: Prosecco & Peach Nectar which he simply loved the refreshing taste. I decided to go with Montauto Rosso which was light and sweet fragrance and indeed went well with the pizzas we ordered. On a side note, we asked for water and it was given to us in a cute milk bottle!

As for the main course of the night, we ordered two pizzas to share: Wagyu – Wagyu Bresaolo, Cream of Artichokes & Fior Di Latte; Patata – Onion, Potatoes, Rosemary and Pancetta. The Wagyu pizza was too salty for my liking and the cheese was too thick and did not go well with the toppings. The base was slightly burnt on some parts and dry overall. As for Patata, the cheese was smoother and chewy/tangy; the base was more burnt for this one and I had to leave the ends. There were too much potatoes even though I love them. It was just unbearable and to a point, sickening? 😦 The rosemary added did not do much help, I must say. Pizza of the day = major BLANDNESS, maybe not the best in the history of +39?

Lastly, time for dessert! We opted for their homemade icecream: Coppa Di Gelato. The flavours were interesting and had attractive colours. But there was a rather peculiar after taste to them, how should I describe it? Artificial perhaps? >.<

Overall, the visit to +39 was a ‘nightmare’ come true. The food was not up to expectations and the service was questionable. We were asked to move to another seat, nearer to the entrance when we were almost finishing our dinner so as to make way for other diners. After a while, I saw a group of customers picking up their wine glasses and moving to the seats besides us. They were not even close to finishing up their meals and the waiters were trailing behind them, bringing their leftover pizzas to their new seats. I am not sure if this is the kind of service and treatment that patrons like us should be receiving at a highly acclaimed restaurant? @.@ Not only that, when I was on the way to the back of the restaurant to the ladies, they actually had makeshift tables and chairs set up and diners were having their dose of pizza there and then. It was kind of disturbing to be having dinner at such ‘standard’ and talking about hygiene (too close to the bathrooms in my opinion).
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2 thoughts on “-39 perhaps?

  1. Agree with you re their service. The owner has got issues. He doesn’t have to smile all the time but at he same time does not have to be rude either.
    It’s the same with one of the waiters (baldy guy), who shook his head when we move around our seats a little. He ended up not coming near our table at all after that. People like this are very lucky they still have customers, lets hope they’ll improve on their attitude and their luck doesn’t run out.

    Food not so special like some said.

    • I know heh! I guess they must either be more innovative on their creations or be more courteous when serving their patrons?! I think it is the fact that they were rated the best last year so they sort of got the fame get the better of them? @.@

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