Substandard at Osaka Town.


Osaka Town (Raffles City)

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-72/73/74, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

Phone: (65) 6336 5363


Ambience: 6/10

Food: 4/10

Service: 4/10


Met up with my ex colleagues after a long while and A suggested to head over to Osaka Town for dinner. She has been wanting to give it a try for some time now as she always sees a beeline in front of the restaurant whenever she walks past. When we arrived, there was indeed a long queue ahead of us. Browsing through the menu, many of the items looked tempting and attractive.When we were finally shown to our seats, the waiter took a long time before coming over to take out order and we had to ask repeatedly for water. o_O

S ordered their signature ramen and she was presented with a bowl of unappealing bowl of Hokkien noodles instead of the supposedly ramen? Also, the soup was too salty (MSG loaded?) and the ingredients put in were minute?!

A got herself a Salmon set with mini Okonomiyaki. She mentioned that they were passable but not the best.

As for me, I had Beef steak set. I was utterly disappointed with it, the dish was lukewarm and the beef was so tough that I had problem chewing on it properly. Not only that, there was a thick layer of oil/butter on top. I was totally grossed out by my selection and did not even bother finishing it.

It might be cheap to eat at Osaka Town but the standard of the food and service is a far cry from a Japanese restaurant, or rather how they want to be marketed as. I would definitely not return for any of this.


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