Remembering the Oh So Familiar Taste!


Taiwan Cafe

273 Swanston Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 6663


Ambience: 6/10

Food: 6/10

Service: 5/10


A new infant is born on Swanston Street! With the closing of Taiwanese Beef Noodle House at Mid Town Plaza on Bourke Street and the so-so performance of WE Cafe, I am both surprised and excited that someone is willing to dabble their hands in the not-so-common Taiwanese cuisine.

Taiwan Cafe launched with much fanfare, queues started to form from day 1. Getting a seat at TC seems to be ‘mission impossible’, many people were turned away and/or gave up waiting even though they have quite a number of seating within close proximity with each other. The decor in general did have a tiny ‘feel’ of Taiwan. ^_^ We decided to give it a try on a Sunday morning, amazingly there was no queue at all and we were shown to our seats next to the cashier immediately. Flipping through the menu, the items were priced reasonably and quite Β a large selection was available.

The adventure started with Pan Fried Pork Dumplings: the skin was not too thick, just the way I like it to be; the filling was juicy but lack a tiny bit in flavours. Overall, not a bad effort.

Next, we had Beef Roll: the sauce was slightly too sweet for my liking; the beef was cooked nicely, a tad dry but still good; as a person who loves my carbs, I simply love the pancake wrapped on the outside! Crispy and fluffy at the same time. NOM!

For mains, we had Minced Pork Dry Noodles which was just a standard fare. Preferably a bit more sauce would be fab!

Lastly, it was the Signature Beef Noodles: the soup was too oily; the beef was tender and succulent; the noodles were a disappointment as they were thinner and not as chewy as they were supposed to be (but it might be due to the fact that they do not have other variety of noodles available in Australia?)! But it was slightly better than the one I had before at the Taiwanese Beef Noodle House.

Great effort I must say! However, there is still room for improvement. I have since returned to TC for another try, their Taro Milk Shake was delicious, the Beef Noodles was less oily but the beef was kind of tough? Fried rice was too bland.

Taiwan Cafe on Urbanspoon


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