Mediocre Fare at Ghin Khao.


Ghin Khao

242 Swanston Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9663 3345


We were in the city on a shopping trip and it was lunch time. Looking around Swanston Street, we remembered that we have yet to give Ghin Khao a try. The facade of the restaurant looks rather tacky and unappealing, thus we have been putting off the idea of dining there time and time again. But you never know what is in store for you, unless you take the first initial step.The menu was colourful and descriptive. Β We had a serving of Red Chicken Curry with rice, which was rather fragrant but lack the depth of a curry.As usual, we had Pad Thai and the recommended version at GK was prawn. When it was served, I realised that they gave me the vegetarian Pad Thai instead! I asked for a change and the waitress gladly obliged. When I was finally presented with my order correctly, I was disappointed with the look of it: there was not enough ingredients, the peanuts sprinkled on top was minimum and there was no alluring smell that this classic dish should have! I must say that the Pad Thai at Ying Thai2 was way superior than this.

With the price you are paying, I guess it is as good as it can get? I reckon Your Thai which is located just opposite has much better taste and at the same affordable price!

Ghin Khao on Urbanspoon


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