Hit and Miss at Kaneda.


Kaneda Japanese Restaurant

200 Bourke Street, Mid City Arcade, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 8802


Ambience: 5/10

Food: 5/10

Service: 6/10


I was looking for a place to have dinner with G, my primary school friend whom I have not met for ages! Remembering that my colleague recommended Kaneda several times before, I decided to “stepped up” and go for it. When we made our way to K, I realised that I have actually walked past it numerous times but did not bother to give it a try as the store front looks kind of weird?We were shown to our seats quickly and presented with the sizeable menu. Many different combinations and styles that you get from a typical Japanese eatery were available. We started the night with Sashimi, which was really small in portion and limited in variety. Freshness wise, was pretty all right. The wasabi was a bit stale in my opinion though.

G ordered Teriyaki Chicken Bento Set which she was rather pleased with.

As for me, I settled for Sukiyaki Beef Bento Set: the beef was salty (reckon too much soya sauce was put in!) and you would have to eat them with the rice to bland out the taste; the rice was bountiful, like a mini hill; the sushi was lukewarm and falling apart; the chicken was too fried and dry (tasted as if they were left on the counter for the whole day)!

With the price you pay and the fact that Kaneda is a Japanese restaurant run by Chinese, I reckon Yoyogi on Swanston street and Meiji on Little Bourke are much better options in terms of price and taste. As for those who don’t mind to ‘splurge’ a little for a more decent experience, I will recommend Meshiya at QV. No disappointment for me so far!
Kaneda Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


8 thoughts on “Hit and Miss at Kaneda.

  1. Kaneda is actually pretty good on price if you go in during their tea time specials; a bento box and soft drink for $9.80. On the other hand, that’s only if you’re available between 3:00-5:30pm, which isn’t exactly the most convenient of times on weekdays. But their food also does seem to be better during those times (less customers=more preparation time, maybe?) And for that price, Kaneda is not bad as a late lunch kind of thing.
    But, yes, yes. I don’t know why, but their wasabi paste is always dry, and not very flavourful.

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