Jubilation with Meat & Wine Co.


Meat & Wine Co.

Freshwater Place 3 Queensbridge Street, Southbank Vic 3006

Phone: (03) 9696 5333



Ambience: 6.5/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 7/10


A colleague of mine who is a steak lover like me, has been raving about Meat & Wine for quite some time. Not only that, she has visited it several times within a few months! According to her, you will have to make a reservation way in advance to secure a seating, especially for the weekends. I decided to make a reservation midweek for dinner on Sunday, to my surprise, I was given a list of timings to choose from! If you choose early evening, you would only have 2 hours to dine; whereas if you go for late dinner, you would be able to stay until the restaurant closes. Of course, I did not want to be rushed to finish my delicious food. Therefore, I chose a seating at 8.30pm.We arrived ten minutes before and were shown to a table that was not cleared! The waitress apologized profusely for the mistake and cleaned up the mess before showing us to the table again. Β I found a familiar face just two tables away, he looked like one of the AFL players? The menu was extensive and we were lost in the sea of gourmet food. We decided to grab one of the waiters and asked him for some recommendations.

We started the night with a glass of Heathcote Estate Shiraz each as our original option of Β Barossa Babe had run out for the night.

As we were given a seat in the Alfresco dining area and the weather been rather erratic recently, we were sort of freezing while we waited eagerly for our food to arrive. Even though it was sheltered, the wind was howling in. Maybe they should turn on the heater slightly to warm up the place for a more pleasant journey? First up, we had Boerewors: Grilled traditional African beef sausage, served with pap (polenta) and their homemade BBQ relish. The sausages were tasty and dipping them in the BBQ relish, brought out the refreshing taste which tickled your palate. The polenta was mushy and provided a complement to the strong flavoured sauce and sausages. It also reminded me of ketupat that one eats with Satay back in South East Asia! πŸ˜€

As for the mains, J ordered Monte Select Grass Fed Rib Eye 350g. The waiter suggested this for those who like their steaks with a bit of fats. J had it done medium rare and he was happy with it as it was the right toughness and chewiness that he loves. He had it with chips which were very crispy and the Blue Cheese & Vodka sauce that enhanced the flavour of the meat even more.

For me, I decided to go with Monte Gold Grain Fed New Yorker 350g as the waiter recommended this steak for those who love tender and soft meat and it was his personal favourite! I got it cooked medium rare and it was simply PERFECT! It was so soft and the moment you “sink” your knife into the meat, it cut nicely. The meat had a sweet taste to it and you definitely could not stop at one! I really wonder what was in the marinade! πŸ™‚ I was eating it plain and dipping some pieces in to the Creamy Mushroom sauce. It was just a fabulous combination. Their mashed potato was sizeable and filling! Right balance and ain’t too butter-y.

Finally, we rounded off the night with a pot of Peppermint tea which was standard and a serving of Warm Chocolate & Pistachio Fondante! I am a lover of fondante as I like how the chocolate lava oozes out from within. This one at M&C did just that, however the cake had a really strong floury taste which was not to my liking. Β T_T

Overall, the dining experience at M&C was splendid! I would definitely return to try out their various types of steaks and pork ribs. But I reckon I should request for a seat upstairs or indoor! On a side note, a lady actually called me two days later and asked about my dining experience. That’s a delicate touch to customer service, keep up the good job!
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3 thoughts on “Jubilation with Meat & Wine Co.

  1. Love this place.
    Sometimes it can be a bit of a hit and miss with the service, bad seeing as it’s not a cheap eat. But the food is great though! I love the Butchers Skewers *yum yum

  2. Nothing Special Onion rings is the only dish.. rude wait staffs. Everything triple priced and dirty Ambiance We got a rude staff member telling us to leave early as if the table booked already. Steaks and Lambs were overcooked. They do not marinate before cooking and just throw the flavour on it. Salads are not filling.Stale Prawns in Parmesan & Rocket Salad caused us Indigestion. They tell you to buy fizzed imported spring water

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