Authenticity at Coconut House!


Coconut House

449 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Phone: 03 9329 6401


Coconut House has been on my list for quite some time but have yet to give it a try until now. They have opened another shop two doors down to facilitate the ever-growing crowd. CH markets itself as one that serves authentic Malaysian street food at affordable prices, (maybe that is the reason why they are so popular!)

J and I decided to head down to CH for some late dinner. We were overwhelmed with the sizeable mouth watering selections presented to us and the little delight was that if you order your meal as a set you get a glass of homemade soya bean! 😀 It was not too sweet and was smooth!

We started the night with an entree of spring rolls and dumplings. They were made fresh and thus piping hot and crispy! NOM! However, I would have preferred to have more filling than a thick layer of skin?J ordered a serving of their Ayam Laksa which he was pleased with. The laksa was not as thick as that of Laksa Bar nor as fragrant as Laksa King. BUT It had a great taste and a good mix of thick and thin noodles which provided an enormous enjoyment to one’s palate!I went with my usual order of Chicken Rice. The rice at CH was moist and had a light chicken and pandan fragrant, much better than the soggy version that I had at Chillipadi Flemington. The chicken was drizzled with a sweet tasty soya sauce which brought out the tenderness of the chicken even more. I reckon it was also better than the lackluster effort by Old Town Kopitiam too! Lastly,  the eggs were done the way I like! Awwww, missing home…
A fantastic place to indulge in some homely food at great prices! I will return to try out the rest of the menu, especially their Wonton Noodles which is supposedly famous!
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